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  1. Otis McNutt

    A piece of shit game like Minecraft is getting a movie and Zelda isn't! There truly is no Justice.
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    2. Otis McNutt

      I stand by my statement.

    3. Fierce Muffin

      I don't really see the necessity of a Minecraft movie at all. Or a video game movie either. Most games I feel convey what they needed to in the game itself and the movie is just a greedy cash-grab. What could you gain from a Minecraft movie? What elements of Minecraft will transfer over to the movie? Unnecessary.

    4. Fierce Muffin

      That said, I think that one Silent Hill movie I watched wasn't that bad. It was obviously missing the you actually being danger part, but it definitely captured the horror of it. Although, this is off my experience of it from several years ago off a stream, so.