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  1. Otis McNutt

    Well Nazi's are pieces of Shit.
  2. Otis McNutt

    Fifteen hours without electricity but now I'm back baby doll!
    1. SilverAlchemic


      For me it was 36 hours, though :<

    2. Jareddude

      I didn't even lose power :o

    3. Chimetals

      turn on ALL THE THINGS!

  3. Otis McNutt

    Cirt's 19, what a fun age. To bad you can't drink...it helps!
  4. Otis McNutt

    Because of the impending Hurricane (and the inevitable power failure) I'm indefinitely postponing "Saturday of the Dead".
  5. Otis McNutt

    The Fuc#ing supermarkets are empty!!!
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Otis McNutt

      I had to go to Tractor Supply Company to get some jugs of water. I also bought an emergency radio from Wal-mart and some flashlights and a crank generator for electronics.

    3. pheonix561

      good luck guys

    4. Jareddude

      Thanks Pheo.

  6. Otis McNutt

    You ready for Hurricane Irene?
    1. Show previous comments  5 more

      usually Ohio doesn't get damaged by any hurricanes, but it DOES rain like a motherpuppyer

    3. Grandmaster Phoenix

      Yep. Nice, plesant Michigan, away from the ocean.

  7. Otis McNutt

    Anybody feel the Virginia Earthquake. I felt it all the way here in Connecticut.
    1. Fierce Muffin

      It was funny, I was over my friend's house at the time and his mom's sister came down and asked us if we felt it and we were so confused, because we didn't feel a thing and then she was like "We just had an earthquake" and Hunter and I were like "wat." Good stuff.

  8. Otis McNutt

    Doctor Who returns this Saturday in "Let's Kill Hitler"!
    1. Teto

      Oh man I totally forgot about Doctor Who. All this time with it not being on >:

    2. Otis McNutt

      I almost forgot until I got a Who text from BBC America.

  9. Otis McNutt

    All life is my enemy!!!
  10. Otis McNutt

    Nintendo 3DS Price drop is in effect, if you don't already have one nows the time.
    1. Majora


  11. Otis McNutt

    Alphas today at 10 on Syfy. Please watch if you can, I have a vested interest in this show.
  12. Rika Code » Otis McNutt

    Check the "I'm impatient" topic if you have the time
  13. Linox » Otis McNutt

    Happy Birthday bro.
  14. Marquis » Otis McNutt

  15. Otis McNutt » Snooky

    They call me "The Situation".
  16. Otis McNutt » Hiro Protagonist

    It's kinda hard to convey sarcasm while typing, it was a joke.
  17. Otis McNutt » Hiro Protagonist

    What gives man, The Doctor is one of my old Usernames, change it at once...or don't I don't really care.
  18. Jareddude » Otis McNutt

    We have the same birthday :O
  19. Hideki » Otis McNutt

    Could you please stop telling us things about ST.
  20. TrueNinja2 » Otis McNutt

    Dude! :O I didn't know it was your birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Gift... what gift?