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  1. Otis McNutt » Final Hyrule Finale

    You used my Zombie Sora as your member photo, thanks?
  2. Arcane » Otis McNutt

    Happy birthday
  3. misa » Otis McNutt

    Happy B-day
  4. Hideki » Otis McNutt

    Spelling error in line six of the mall. should be then not them.
  5. Arcane » Otis McNutt

    Yes they are.
  6. JayRAWR1 » Otis McNutt

    Hey, dude i'm sorry i posted that horrible comment on my sword of time story you were rigt it sucks, i only wanted to fit in soz dude
  7. Otis McNutt » misa

    "I have a question why do you always have your name after a show, whatever you do don't be ugly betty"
    I have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. misa » Otis McNutt

    I have a question why do you always have your name after a show, whatever you do don't be ugly betty
  9. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    You have changed your Display name yet again. I'm gonna call you Ecto. Hope you Don't Mind.
  10. Ivo-goji » Otis McNutt

    Why does every one want to bug me about may spelling?? I guess it's because I'm actually trying to be literate.:P But yeah, I've misspelled since a number of times....
  11. Otis McNutt » Ivo-goji

    If you have an IQ of 300, you'd know that the typo in your sig is ironic. it's since not sense.
  12. Specever » Otis McNutt

    We would be if you didn't like Star Wars
  13. Specever » Otis McNutt

    We are almost opposites.
  14. Guest » Otis McNutt

    hi, i noticed your work and would be interested to have you help me to define a historical hybrid creature for me. willing to pay. interested? my email address is unanticipated@gmail.com or send me a message through hyrule, etc. thanks. rhett
  15. Teto » Otis McNutt

    Why haven't I rated you 5 yet? :D
    My God, I love the way you RP. <3
  16. Vio Milanor » Otis McNutt

    Hoshiz. It's The Doctor!
  17. Chef Nonsense » Otis McNutt

    Should have been Tom Baker.
  18. Teto » Otis McNutt

    You are no longer the originally named member I once knew.
  19. Otis McNutt » RaphaelTMNT

    Yours is the second greatest TMNT inspired user name on this site. It is only surpassed by mine!
  20. Joshawott » Otis McNutt

    Hey you. Can you get rid of that Legends of Zelda and Philosophy image in your signature? It's too large.
  21. Ryu » Otis McNutt

    Happy B-day :)
  22. Magnus » Otis McNutt