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  1. Padraig! » Otis McNutt

    You should be a mod.
  2. Magnus » Otis McNutt

    aawww... your quiting survival of the fittest?... phooey...
  3. Magnus » Otis McNutt

    savanti! go look at suvival of the fittest!!!
  4. Magnus » Otis McNutt

    hey savanti sorry about posting a alternate story on survival of the fittest... its just you posted your post before i was done writing mine...
  5. Magnus » Otis McNutt

    GO LOST!!!(the tv show)
  6. Vivica Todd » Otis McNutt

    You changed your name... again?..
  7. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    You changed your name! 0_0
  8. Padraig! » Otis McNutt

    I'm loving your new avy!
  9. Anon » Otis McNutt

    Stan said it means forward and onward.
  10. Vadarth X » Otis McNutt

    Hello. I have decided to add you as a friend, my "Lost" and "Stargate" loving friend.
  11. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    Hey I just noticed you changed your avatar! Its cool!
  12. Cel » Otis McNutt

    Where in CT do you live?
  13. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    Hi, have you ever heard of New England Paranormal?
  14. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    DT82, why did you give me rupees?
  15. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    To join the Great Army of Hyrule, go to clans/armies and click "join this team" on the great army of hyrule's "profile" if you will.
  16. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    To join the Great Army of Hyrule, Go to clans/armies. then join
  17. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    Join the great army of Hyrule! please?
  18. Otis McNutt » Jon Who

    Thanks, The Doctor rules!!
  19. Jon Who » Otis McNutt

    Sorry, just had to say, love your Christopher Ecclestone quote.:D
  20. Mao » Otis McNutt

    I hate to burst your bubble, but thats either referenced or traced from the OoT Manga. See for yourself
  21. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    Man! Diamondtriforce82,You draw good! Your personal photo is proofe of your great drawing skills! I wish I could ddraw as good as you!