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  1. Otis McNutt

    My dad came by with a belated Christmas gift, a 32" LG HDTV. It was both a birthday and Christmas gift.
    1. Otis McNutt

      I got my niece a 2DS and Animals Crossing New Leaf. She had so much fun playing mine that I just had too.

    2. PrimaGaga

      Thats awesome! I thought about getting my Nephew the same.

  2. Otis McNutt

    The Pokemon Bank release has been postponed, puppy a Psyduck!
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    2. LLmao ?✊?

      If you tried to have sex with a psyduck, she would tell you that she had a headache.

    3. LLmao ?✊?

      Not tonight honey

    4. Necropolis

      Do you think Psyduck's have corkscrew genitalia like real ducks

  3. Otis McNutt

    Matt Smith's final episode. I'm gonna cry I just know it.
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    2. Ammonsa

      (that's because it was bad, im just glad we have peter capaldi now)

    3. Otis McNutt

      It was bad wasn't it?

    4. SilverAlchemic

      "Have you ever sneezed so hard you became Peter Capaldi" - a tumblr user

  4. Otis McNutt

    My Nephew stopped by with an early Christmas gift, the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask soundtrack CD.
    1. pheonix561

      what a good guy

  5. Otis McNutt

    Thanks to my Doctor I've got an out for Jury Duty. My damaged knee impedes my mobility.
    1. LLmao ?✊?

      Self harm is not okay

    2. Otis McNutt

      I have cartilage deterioration

  6. Otis McNutt

    Guess what folks i just got some great news today. I've got Jury Duty, and if that's not cool enough it's on December 23rd.......ya!!!!!!!!!
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    2. Chimetals

      xmas present theft from three years ago.

    3. PrimaGaga

      Tell them you are racist if you wanna get out.

    4. Otis McNutt

      As much as I hate it, it's my duty (no pun intended).

  7. Otis McNutt

    The 3DS Miiverse update is Available
    1. T1g

      I was just about to mention that. Also, currently the 3ds eShop is inaccesible after doing the Nintendo Link thing, probably because their servers are getting hammered by all the people with the update trying to do something simultaneously

    2. PrimaGaga


    3. SilverAlchemic

      Does the 3DS use the same Miiverse as the Wii U?

  8. Otis McNutt

    Community season five promos have started. Jeff is a Professor at Greendale!!!!!!!!
  9. Otis McNutt

    I totally overdosed on Anime this weekend. Tenchi Muyo GXP, Fairy Tail, Heaven's Lost Property and Ghost Hunt. one thing I know for certain, Japanese animators love big boobs.
    1. LLmao ?✊?

      Sounds like the breast birthday ever

    2. Knuckle

      nice B)

  10. Otis McNutt

    I don't usually drink alcohol but seejng that it's a holiday I relented. now my head is killing me! Never again.
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    2. Cirt

      I laughed at 80 proof

    3. Necropolis

      Viking Blod. Old recipe from the 1600s. Weird ceramic bottle

    4. Necropolis

      And I guess...Liquor store in Illinois? I don't know how much that helps?

  11. Otis McNutt

    Happy Thanksgiving
    1. fire_flamesX

      Happy thanksgiving

  12. Otis McNutt

    So tired. i ran all over town looking for a turkey roasting pan with a lid. unfortunately couldn't find one. had to settle for a lidless one. on the bright side it came with an interior roasting rack. going out again tomorrow for shopping.
  13. Otis McNutt

    overall A Link Between Worlds is a good game, but at least initially it's very Derivative of A Link to the Past. I do like the wall merge mechanic.
  14. Otis McNutt

    just started playing A Link Between Worlds, so far I like what I see.
  15. Otis McNutt

    A Link between worlds has shipped, it'll be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!
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    2. Sahaqiel

      ST was great, what are you talking about?

    3. Otis McNutt

      Spirit tracks was one of my favorite handheld Zelda games.

    4. PrimaGaga

      I unno. It wasnt very memorable to me i suppose. Better than PH but still low on my list of the handheld games. And overall.

  16. Otis McNutt

    going to a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary viewing party, the invite said come as your favorite character. i RSVP'd and said I was going as Sutekh the destroyer. the host asked me who that was, wow and you call yourself a fan!
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    2. Otis McNutt

      Playfully, Aubrey's one of my favorite people.I even said it to her playfully.

    3. なべ

    4. Necropolis

      I'm with you here. New who fand who don't watch the classics. Most disappointing.

  17. Otis McNutt

    ordered A Link between worlds and the prima strategy guide from Amazon. the hardcover guide is green leather and gold foil and comes with a limited edition lithograph.
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    2. pheonix561

      Please don't, for your own sake. I'd understand if you'd want to use it afterwards, but don't do it the first time around.

    3. PrimaGaga

      Dude, Tyrion uses a guide for every game. Are you surprised?

    4. Cascade


  18. Otis McNutt

    Seven days til A Link Between Worlds. so who's getting it?
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    2. pheonix561

      personally I just think its hilarious that what is probably going to be considered the best handheld game of the series is also the one with the fourth triforce piece

    3. pheonix561

      triforce of shadow, no less

    4. SilverAlchemic


  19. Otis McNutt

    Took the week off to give my knee a rest, the doctor basically told me to sit on my ass and if i need to walk use a cane and knee brace. Thank God for Netflix and Hulu.
    1. Teto

      It's been so long since I saw the word 'took' written down that I immediately thought of Peregrin Took from Lord of the Rings.

  20. Otis McNutt

    I've been having some knee pain lately so I went to the Doctor today. He told me I have cartilage degeneration.
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    2. pheonix561

      So according to the internet it doesn't mean you're going to lose your ability to walk and just need to rest your knee?

    3. Otis McNutt

      Yeah it just hurts like a bitch.

    4. pheonix561


  21. Otis McNutt

    The final Blockbuster video closed today. it makes me sad, one of my first jobs was at blockbuster.
  22. Otis McNutt

    what's your favorite Pokemon of the new Generation? Mine is Tyrantrum, but that's probably because tyrannosaurus is my favorite Dinosaur.
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    2. Cascade

      goooodra <3 i love pretty much all the new pokémon tho ):

    3. Cirt

      Hawlucha or Heliolisk. my bbs.

    4. T1g

      Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist, and Goomy

  23. Otis McNutt

    Happy Halloween everyone, and be careful because on this day the barrier between the lands of the living and the land of the dead is as it's weakest.
  24. Otis McNutt

    Boston Red Sox are World Champions!!!!!!!!
  25. Otis McNutt

    got the October "Survive" Lootcrate in the mail today. it has temp tattoos, buttons, a t-shirt (Ewoking Dead) and a book, which unfortunately I already own.