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  1. zeldamaster5 » Eka

    Hey, I have returned
  2. zeldamaster5 » Goron Merchant

    thanks i found it on deviantart.com and i typed in twilight realm
  3. zeldamaster5 » Link Player

    oh yeah happy birthday
  4. zeldamaster5 » XxZelda~RockbellxX

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  5. zeldamaster5 » Michael

    happy birthday and happy thanksgiving
  6. zeldamaster5 » Ganon's Girl

    hey happy birthday and happy thanksgiving
  7. zeldamaster5 » Guest

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  8. zeldamaster5 » RoNi_LeA

    happy birthday!!!!!
  9. zeldamaster5 » Eka

    hey i uploaded some videos on youtube of legend of zelda ocarina of time and majora's mask one of them has saria in it
  10. zeldamaster5 » Malon

    heres 4 stars
  11. zeldamaster5 » Jo-Bengt

    hi welcome to hyrule.net just thought id leave a comment
  12. zeldamaster5 » MasterLink23

    ahhh that sucks that you quite i might quite too it just seems like hyrule.net is getting to be boring
  13. zeldamaster5 » Cindy

    thanks glad you liked the video but im not the one who made it
  14. zeldamaster5 » ope50

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  15. zeldamaster5 » mr.tortus

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  16. zeldamaster5 » Ganon's Girl

    wow great job on the tale of destiny chapter 3
  17. zeldamaster5 » Du5t1n

    i think you should make the nets available
  18. zeldamaster5 » Guest

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  19. zeldamaster5 » taconinja

    how did you get so many rupees within 1 day?
  20. zeldamaster5 » Crando

    hi welcome to hyrule.net
  21. zeldamaster5 » Galadhrim arrow

    you're welcome thanks for the 5 stars
  22. zeldamaster5 » Galadhrim arrow

    here is 3 stars for your account
  23. zeldamaster5 » taconinja

    hi welcome to hyrule.net