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  1. I agree, bacon is overused these days. But bacon is pretty good.

  2. I have almost all of the zelda games, lots of drawings of link, lots of posters, and thats pretty much all I have. By the way, where can I buy legend of zelda shirts?

  3. Please elaborate. Why do you think he would win? I NEED ANSWERS, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    Well TP link is a lot bigger than toon link, and he has more powerful attacks and he is a better swordsman than toon link, but it's just my opinion.

  4. Oreos ftw! I recently quit runescape its pointless and its a waste of time.

  5. Finally.

    I was waiting for someone to agree with me.

    I loved Crystal.

    The first one to introduce multiple genders.

    I think Ruby was the first one to introduce weather. And I think Gold, etc introduced the night and day concept.

    I can't remember much more than that.

    Wait. Which ones had little animations at the beginning? I know that Crystal did at least.

    Gold etc also introduced berries. Master stroke.

    Crystal was awesome I used to own all three of the johto games but they got stolen =/

  6. I'm planing to go to a four year maritime college. I might go to Cal Maritime.