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  1. Odin » Mao

    Hi Noes!!
  2. Mao » Odin

    Hiiiii Odiiiiiin.
  3. Odin » Cat Girl

    We are like...NEVER on at the same time XD
  4. Cat Girl » Odin

    Eeeeh... Look for me. Whenever you're on, see if I'm on. I've been pretty busy lately, so, sorry if I don't reply and it says I'm there. XP
  5. Odin » Cat Girl

    Ok. Tokbox. When tho? theres the time difference...
  6. Cat Girl » Odin

    PM, Tokbox, whatever you're comfortable with...
  7. Odin » Cat Girl

    So how am I going to tell you?...
  8. Cat Girl » Odin

    Yaaaay, I'm special. -BRICK'D-
  9. Odin » Sahaqiel

    You kinda remind me of a guy I know named Owen...
  10. Odin » Cat Girl

    I dont mind telling you. :)
  11. Cat Girl » Odin

    Well, I'm curious, yeah, but only if you want me to know.
  12. Odin » Cat Girl

    Do you want to know?
  13. Cat Girl » Odin

    Oh, boy... Wanna tell me about it?
  14. Odin » Cat Girl

    Not a good change...
  15. Cat Girl » Odin

    I've been gone for about a month, lol. Good or bad change?
  16. Odin » Cat Girl

    Ive been gone a long while... And my life has changed a lot...
  17. Cat Girl » Odin

    Dude... How LONG have you been gone?
  18. Odin » Cat Girl

    Omg. Everything is so different... It's all... blue!
  19. Odin » Link Player

    Thanks Dude!
  20. Link Player » Odin

    Happy B-Day Odin.
  21. Young Link Addict » Odin

    Happy B-day Odin. :)
  22. Odin » Cat Girl

    I've been gone. But now I'm back.
  23. Cat Girl » Odin

    Yay! Finally. Where've ya been?
  24. Odin » Cat Girl

    Ok I'm Back now. Hopefully for good