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  1. Ops liked a post in a topic by Fluffineer in Hey all! New guy here!   
    I'm wanting a new forum to post in
    Why? Because I want something for my free time, plus would like to make some new friends
    Why? Because I'm a college student who loves video games (especially Zelda), and would love to discuss that sort of stuff (and more)!
    But some people keep saying I shouldn't join a forum D: I wonder why?
    Now that my weird intro is out of the way (that I'm sure few will get...)
    I'm Fluffineer (or Fluffy for short). I've been a very big fan of zelda since I was in elementary school, and I stumbled upon this place because of a friend of mine! So I can't wait to chat with you guys and stuff
  2. Roc liked a post in a topic by Ops in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons General   
    Not going to lie, OoA and OoS probably take the cake as far as handheld zeldas go.

    They're both very well developed and really deserve more recognition than they get!
  3. Ops liked a post in a topic by Teto in Talk   

    Paranoid neighbor, keeping notes on the other people in the neighborhood.

  4. Ops liked a post in a topic by Teto in Talk   
    rupees for getting likes too
  5. Teto liked a post in a topic by Ops in Talk   
    Regardless of what happens, Teto's rupee count will surpass the sun.
    The sheer mass of the crystals, tightly crushed in a small space, compacts itself into a black hole in the internet.
    Everything is engulfed.
    Nothing survives.
    Teto rises from the ashes, claiming the barren wasteland as his own, and becomes as a god.

    or the variable will just hit it's max, whichever.
  6. Ops liked a post in a topic by Aethix in Talk   
    Or he'll just buy twenty-four triforce shards and attain godhood of the perfectly functional internet. Much better than godhood over a barren wasteland.