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  1. Jo-Bengt

  2. pheonix561 » Jo-Bengt

    what in the world is this about you leaving
  3. Jo-Bengt » Teto

    You look like you know how to move in light armor.
  4. Compulsia » Jo-Bengt

    I'm pretty sure he is
  5. PrimaGaga » Jo-Bengt

    Are you really "just" saying?
  6. King Dusk » Jo-Bengt

    You should be gay. Just saying.
  7. Marquis » Jo-Bengt

    You win the epicness contest.
  8. Jo-Bengt » Edgeworth is HOT !

    Happy birthday! :D
  9. Marquis » Jo-Bengt

    Also, you Reach desktop is epic.
  10. Marquis » Jo-Bengt

    What are you doing looking at my profile?!
    Seems i have made a powerful enemy.
  11. LoZphreak89 » Jo-Bengt

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Zelda Drottningu » Jo-Bengt

    Do you mean the Display pic, or the Avatar? If you meant avatar, then I totally agree with you :p
  13. Jo-Bengt » Zelda Drottningu

    Your avatar makes me smile haha.
  14. Farron » Jo-Bengt

    Get the fuck over yourself. Shit.
  15. Farron » Jo-Bengt

    Fucking fanboy.
  16. Puck » Jo-Bengt

    I didn't mean it as looking down on him, but if you truely care about a site and what it has to say you should stick to it, no matter what happens to it. Sorry if that was mis-read.
  17. Jo-Bengt » Puck

    I love it how you're looking down on a member who's been here for years, saying that it's pretty sad that he might leave because of a bet.
    No matter what the reason he's leaving, he's been here for years. I'm sure that him leaving's pretty justified by now.
  18. Jo-Bengt » LoZnerdNO1

    LoZnerdNO1 is soooo cool
  19. Jo-Bengt » Teto

    So I was trying to view a thread, but clicked the wrong one. When I tried to click the one I /wanted/ to go to, I was a second too late and the wrong one loaded. Instead of clicking the thread I clicked the remove friend button under your avatar. >_>
  20. Jareddude » Jo-Bengt

    Cute pic xD
    But seriously.
  21. Jo-Bengt » AlexBrand

    Has this account not been deleted yet? Damn.