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  1. Young Link Addict

    Last time I did this was over a year ago and it was filled with a broken promise. No more promises from me. I promise.
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    2. Chimetals

      welcome back, enjoy your stay--we kept your room just as you left it.

    3. Young Link Addict

      It's awfully dusty in here. *Takes out duster.* Time to get to work.

    4. Eka

      Hey YLA, nice to see you again.

  2. Young Link Addict

    I'm back and I'm back for good. (I hope.)
    1. Sahaqiel

    2. pheonix561

  3. Young Link Addict

    It's finally September. Four Swords is supposed to come out this month. I can't wait. I just wish I knew when the DSi shop updated.
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    2. Chimetals

      both FS games <3

      i agree, though, the gba one needing a second person to play made me sad.

    3. Fierce Muffin

      But, Young Link Addict, how could getting A Link to the Past be a waste of money? It's not like they just sold a cart with Four Swords on it. : (

    4. Young Link Addict

      Well when I bought it the first time I didn't want ALttP. Then I played it and then I went to the wrong place first. I went to the second place first and kept dying. Then I got mad and sold it. I have it now, but my SP broke.

  4. Young Link Addict

    Yay the green is back. :D I was starting to get eye strains from the white and gray.
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    2. SilverAlchemic

      White and grey. Everywhere.

    3. Chimetals

      it was crisp, clean, reminded me of iCrap.

    4. Rika Code



  5. SilverAlchemic » Young Link Addict

    why are you never on Yahoo anymore?
  6. Young Link Addict » SilverAlchemic

    Well I watched like 3 or 4 different Let's Play's of it so I kind of learned how to do the first 4 screens or so with ease. Mike Tyson is only trouble because I time my jumps wrong. Also I'm wating to get a mic somewhere so you can hear my rage as well. It would make it funnier. Or at least I think it would.
  7. SilverAlchemic » Young Link Addict

    ah, i get you. I couldn't even get past the first screen, that's how much i suck.
  8. Young Link Addict » SilverAlchemic

    It's DarkYoungLink666. I only have one episode so far because of Mike Tyson giving me so much trouble.
  9. SilverAlchemic » Young Link Addict

    have you done anything in IWBTG yet? if you have than what's your youtube? i forget.
  10. Young Link Addict

    Holy crap it's EDA. I don't remember the last time I saw you. How've you been?
  11. Young Link Addict » Jareddude

    That is all. Do not reply. I don't want to start anything. I'm just saying because I saw the topic and it was locked.
  12. Young Link Addict » Jareddude

    I'm just going to tell you right now that thread would have never worked. I mean if you'd have paid attention the thing I may have hated the most was the endless sailing.
  13. Young Link Addict » Cat Girl

    Happy birthday... If you ever come back and see this.
  14. Luneth Uchiha » Young Link Addict

    Then pay poke 20 cents and he'll refill your cup
  15. Young Link Addict » Luneth Uchiha

    Really? But I'm thirsty and out of money. :(
  16. Young Link Addict » Jareddude

    Hi. (Just checked my messages.)
  17. Young Link Addict » Chef Nonsense

    Yay. (Actually I forgot. >_<) Though I would've remembered when I saw it.
  18. Chef Nonsense » Young Link Addict

    Hey YLA.
    Thanks for that.
    Also A Link to the past may be up sometime this week. Keep an eye out. (with most of my busy plans out of the way I have some free time)