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  1. i normally use the Machina, but i played on a server that was setto default weapons and ir ealized, removing the ability to no-scope is slicing away so much possible kills it's funny XD

  2. really? i really thought there would be more, i plan on going to Evo for Street Fighter this year and i really want Soul Calibur 5, but i won't get to play SFxTKN until tommorrow :'( besides those i never erally got into any other series, played Guily Gear once, that was fun lol oh and plus Super Smash Bros. counts as a fighting game, not squidding

  3. So Street Fighter X Tekken came out yesterday and it got me thinking, i wonder if there are any Fighting game fans on Hnet? So i'll ask here were, or are there any fighting games you like and if you're still into them am i the only one here excited for this game?

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  4. hey i've had the game since before the updates, i worked hard for my backburner i will use it all i want lol XD

  5. what do you mean by "Zelda Basher"? like you wanna say bad stuff about the game or you want to be one of us wonderfully obsessed people about it? loss in translation on that one

  6. lol when i was a kid i always played through Ocarina of Time...but whenever i got to Jabu Jabu's Belly i would have my dad do it, then later get stuck on the Water Temple, then erase the file and start over again, this was a continuous pattern for me until i was, i think 10 years old

  7. you know this is really interesting and i really like your points but i honestly don't have the patience to read all of that shoved together like that lol i would love a more spaced out version :P but so far seems like you have something very interesting going on

  8. KAGEME05W you're a thinker arentcha? i see you post alot, and looking at this realistically, lands shift, what was in one area could easily have moved somewhere else over time, i'm not saying this happened over a 100 years or something, but it defenitly shows the passage of time

  9. ugh this all depends how you wanna see it:

    If SHEIK alone is being considered than you can say it is male because Sheik is Zelda disguised as a male so tehrefore technically you can argue that Sheik is male


    Zelda is disguized as Sheik and Zelda is female, so therefore Sheik would be female

    And also if Miyamoto says Sheik is male in convo it would be because of not giving away important story plot information

  10. If you aren't a GOOD sniper you're being completely useless

    This is will not dispute, but i still stand if you are a GOOD sniper you can dominate the other team, it just sucks all the scrubs that play now because they made the game free-to-play

  11. i never said i was good or bad at either of them, just that from people i have talked to that's what i've generally heard, though i will admit i don't have fun in CoD anymore becuse i can't find good players, and i never said Counter-Strike was the most realistic ther is, just that it is one of the most without becoming ungodly annoying and keeping the theme of "YOU ARE PLAYING A VIDEOGAME" in mind, lol i knew starting something about CoD would get people riled up XD

  12. eh if you're looking just to play look for servers that do the orange maps, that's where i play mostly, not alot of serious people that mope and groan about everyone else

  13. just go into console and type "connect *server ip*" but yea i understand, wish that would come back

  14. well on a personal level i just gotta say the game is really unrealistic, everybody argues that it is but the most realistic shooter i have ever seen and played is Counter-Strike Source. Call of duty only counts the Head and Body as the two body parts that take damage(apendages such as arms and legs count as body) and is not distributed correctly. Counter-Strike takes ever single body part into consideration and counts the bullets (in making terms) as physical object that fly through the air, reason why i have always been a better sniper on CoD than Counter-Strike, also if you look at players that transferred over from one to the other CS to CoD become amazing players that are dissapointed with the simplicity, and CoD to CS hate the game because they are used to killing peoiple with the stupidest excuses.

    lol i'm sorry if i seem annoying or to rant videogames are my life and i plan on becoming a developer in the next ten years or so, forgive me