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  1. 22!


    Liek, gawd.

    Stop using abbreviations.

    Also, population is now 23. You guys can increase the population by clicking it once a day.

  2. His douchiness is his defense mechanism. He can't be wrong or hurt if he doesn't care.

    Lol, he sounds like me! Except, I don't go out of my way to constantly down people.

    I just constantly down people who are in my way.

    EDIT: I NEED to start checking post dates.

  3. I used to play runescape

    i still do sometimes

    its actually the ONLY online game that i have come back too.....

    most other online games i'm just into them for a day or two, then i leave them forever.

    i always thought it was because it was the first online multiplayer game i've ever played.

    "I spy a newfag, while my other eye looks off in an unnatural direction".

  4. They didn't have a script for the moon landing. Armstrong had intended to say "This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," but it was all fuzzy, so it came out as "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

  5. Those two other guys are apparently embarrassed at making fools of themselves and are trying to cover it up somehow.

    Well that whole post is a load of bullshit. I'm not embarrassed, I'm amused by all the idiots on here.

    Also, I never tried to cover anything up.

    So, yeah. Hyrule Online from is a bunch of shitpuppying bull that's never going to happen. Everyone, you're all idiots for thinking it would EVER be completed (or, more to the point, even started with a hint of seriousness).

  6. Zelda is harmless. There is not even any blood, or gore, and how often is the average child or person going to be holding a sword anyway?

    We have our fair share of lunatics like that GTA guy that stole a cop car and shot at police and blamed the game but thats like less than 0.01% of gamers. Case closed.

    Do you follow me around, just waiting to contradict anything I say? That's MY job.

  7. Just today there was this guy in lunch who was like, "Give me your sandwich!", and I was like, "No! Get your own sandwich!" Then, he squirted mayonnaise on my face! What an idiot! God!

    Then, in second period, the teacher was like, "John, what's the answer to this equation?", so I was all like, "Man! You're the teacher! You're suppose to know it! And the answer's always 42, numbnuts! God! What an idiot! How'd you even get this job!?" Then, I got detention! God! My teacher is an idiot!

    After detention was over, there were these two guys who were arguing who was a better hero, Batman or Iron Man, so I was like, "You

  8. Kitty.


    The cow says:


    Here's my two cents, when compared with your two cents, is like 50 bucks, of course;

    Any girl you meet online is likely to have girl gamer disease, which is a terrifyingly horrific mind-crushingly scares-the-crap-out-of-you condition. Trust me, you DON'T want to go after online relationships. It ruins you, like I've seen idiots do so much.

  9. Nah, that's fine, I s'pose. I think if we get, like, one more person, we can just make the other characters controllable by everyone in the role play.

  10. I told you so!

    Who else here thinks Twili Link doesn't understand this game?

    Wise ninja master once say "Be as ugly as reed in dung hole and as wise as that yellow stuff that collects under your fingernails after an afternoon of working in waste treatment plant." Only through understanding this can Twili Link purchase unlimited truffles for free.

    Super Communist Bros.?