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  2. LegoBonez » Negation

    you were banned because you abused you mod powers.
  3. Hedawn Omni » Negation

    Hey dude what's up.
  4. Padraig! » Negation

    For fucks sake, just stop trying.
  5. Negation » Skull_Kid

    Welcome to Hyrule! I've got high hopes about you becoming a regular visitor in the RP section!
    Finally, a member with intelligence levels perhaps even higher than mine (No offense, guys >_<)!
  6. Cat Girl » Negation

    Heh, yeah I knew it was you. Life had caught up with me... Yeah. I never thought I'd be one to disappear, but things became a thousand times more stressful. I'm trying harder to make time for, though.
  7. Negation » Cat Girl

    Where the sads;flksjadlkgj;lgagfj;algkgf have you been? You were gone for a while.
    Anyway, I've changed my username. I dunno if you know, but I'm still FreckleFart.
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    Hey you. Make your sig image smaller.
  9. Alex Arbiter » Negation

    you suck at trolling
  10. Teto » Negation

    v So very true.
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    Seriously, stop trying to troll. You can't do it.
  12. Negation » Padraig!

    Nice name.
  13. Negation » Bitmapfox112

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Cat Girl » Negation

    Hm. No, I'll have to check it out.
  15. Negation » Cat Girl

    Have you seen the new ones on
  16. Cat Girl » Negation

    Lol, thanks! I think it's one of the funniest lolcats.
  17. Negation » Cat Girl

    LAWL, love your personal pic!