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  1. LDGM » Teto

    It's me, LDGM
    i didn't recogise you with the new name :]
    We need to catch up sometime
  2. LDGM » Ammonsa

    It's me, LDGM
    I didn't recognise you with your name change.
    we need to relieve the old times again sometime :)
  3. LDGM » PokeFan

    hiya pokefan
    it's LDGM
    we need to catch up sometime
  4. LDGM » Na Riknia

    tell me more
  5. LDGM » Ammonsa

    encompassingly spiffing, my antipodean chum.
  6. LDGM » Max

    The pie business, there's no business like pie business. =P
  7. LDGM » Arcane

    you be welcome, me fine feathered friend
  8. LDGM » Max

    yah, little dogs go meow, that's how you remember it :p. anyway how's the business been?
  9. LDGM » Arcane

    Xp you actually made it, wow. great intro too. =D
  10. LDGM » Max

    i didn't choose to leave, it was enforced upon me. anyway, it's hard to contact you when i thought you were val hammer, or rumo something.
  11. LDGM » Ammonsa

    who was it who accidently deleted it?
  12. LDGM » Ammonsa

    you, my awesome friend, have made my day. thankeez for the awesome karma and pleeze accept all my rupees.
  13. LDGM » Ryu

    hiya ryu
  14. LDGM » The Minish Link

    hey, TML, stanford, where'd you go?
  15. LDGM » Goron Merchant

    hey, where did my goron friend go? haven't seen you in a while comrade.
  16. LDGM » Bolero Of Fire

    of course you are still artist.
  17. LDGM » saruken

    you were awesome... just wanted to remind you
  18. LDGM » Roc

    been crocodile rocking recently
  19. LDGM » Ammonsa

    naw, not your fault. it's just good to see we're all back
  20. LDGM » PokeFan

    aye, a rare sight indeed. well ever since the global kazoo famine of '98 the industry of kazoo farming has been on the decline. stupid economic kazoo recession
  21. LDGM » Du5t1n

    hiya, i'm back now just for all you guys.
  22. LDGM » PokeFan

    well to be honest i don't actually remember being born. :k