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  1. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    yes, i've been waiting for a name change for too long
  2. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, but edie was taken into the futue of the end of london.
  3. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, i'd say it was good, but i'm curious how those vanishing mirrors work. i think i prefered stoneheart, although i can still feel like i cannot put the book down at various parts.
  4. LDGM » Ryu

    well i've juat read chapter 3 of iron hand. i'll read some more later i suppose.
  5. LDGM » Ryu

    on friday, i juust finished stoneheart. later today i'll begin iron hand. i don't think it's too long anyway before the 3rd book is released in UK
  6. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, i'm interested to see what happens to the gunner in iron hand. although he did break his maker's oath.
  7. LDGM » Ryu

    i've just finished stoneheart. nice ending. i'm beginning iron hand.
  8. LDGM » Ryu

    cool, i didn't know you also read the stoneheart trilohu :D
  9. LDGM » Chef Nonsense

    if you like i can brawl you now?
  10. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    happy birthday, YLA :)
  11. LDGM » Sacred_Empath

    happy birthday
  12. LDGM » Negation

    happy birthday
  13. LDGM » Padraig!

    <_< >_>
  14. LDGM » Bolero Of Fire

    i've added your mario kart wii friend code
  15. LDGM » Prince of Twilight

    i've added your mario kart wii friend code
  16. LDGM » Padraig!

    EDIT: 0_o you're 1 year old?
  17. LDGM » Padraig!

    h a p p y b i r t h d a y
  18. LDGM » Guest

    i accepted your friend request, it's nice you joined the clan.
  19. LDGM » Zeroshift3

    happy birthday
  20. LDGM » PokeFan

    yes, you better sign your self up for that first brawl tournament, you need to win for the clan. thanks to the leaving of vadarth x, you're our only brawler :p
  21. LDGM » Relean

    happy birthday
  22. LDGM » Guest

    interesting, i'm being sent friend requests from people who i've never posted to before :|
  23. LDGM » Link Player

    don't listen to paddymac, it's not the most active clan, the darknut Gentry is (well it's the most active forum). besides, the darknuts have a super secret project too.
  24. LDGM » The Chilled Hylian

    i never did anything, i don't understand.