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  1. LDGM » PokeFan

    your profile says you joined on the 2nd on my PC. however this may be because of time zones. :p
  2. LDGM » Max

    your account says you live in pie town, where is it, i need pie to live.
  3. LDGM » Cat Girl

    your accident is most terrible. i we all understand that this will delay the singing shop. if YLA or another member was hit by a car we wouldn't know, so we should be thankful hyrule's princess told us.
    so get well soon
  4. LDGM » Arcane

    you've been overtaken in postal count by both me & the dark one. ROFL, you probably remember when i had very few, but now look how many i have.
    also where are you? link player is getting increasingly worried :p
  5. LDGM » Ocarina Man

    you're welcome, please enjoy yourself on the forums.
  6. LDGM » Teto

    you're female now @_@
  7. LDGM » Grandmaster Panda

    you're a good character, even though i know your secret. let's discuss the ransom terms shall we?
  8. LDGM » Ammonsa

    you, my awesome friend, have made my day. thankeez for the awesome karma and pleeze accept all my rupees.
  9. LDGM » saruken

    you were awesome... just wanted to remind you
  10. LDGM » UltimateZeldaFan

    you said you were never coming back to this "hellish place" yet you were online today, acording to your account!=0
  11. LDGM » PokeFan

    you make it sound like a choice. lol.
    I had to, I missed you and the others too much, after being at my new forum for so long. :p
    But yes, back I have come.
  12. LDGM » PokeFan

    you know if don't like the twilight knights i'll join your army.
    besides i'll be the one with the most posts in your army so i shouldn't feel at the bottom of the clan.
  13. LDGM » Ammonsa

    you change it all the time :/
  14. LDGM » ssdmiddleman

    you beat my snake record, which is good, for i like challenges, yet all this means is i'll have to win my first place position back.
  15. LDGM » Arcane

    you be welcome, me fine feathered friend
  16. LDGM » Arcane

  17. LDGM » PokeFan

    yes, you better sign your self up for that first brawl tournament, you need to win for the clan. thanks to the leaving of vadarth x, you're our only brawler :p
  18. LDGM » Max

    yes, that would be awesome, i'm going to be unable to be online during saturday and sunday which i'm not looking forward to.
  19. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, it's the third, very exciting. i won't spoil it. ;)
  20. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    yes, i've been waiting for a name change for too long
  21. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, i'm interested to see what happens to the gunner in iron hand. although he did break his maker's oath.
  22. LDGM » Max

    yes, i'm doing so now in the topic "enemy to y.link addict" were posting like wildfire and he has yet to believe that we discussed making a thread with pie christmas songs.
  23. LDGM » Max

    yes, i'm a pie aurhority too.
    i must seek pie town to find the
    one pie to rule them all.
    that is my mission in this world.
  24. LDGM » Ryu

    yes, i'd say it was good, but i'm curious how those vanishing mirrors work. i think i prefered stoneheart, although i can still feel like i cannot put the book down at various parts.