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  1. LDGM » Link Player

    *swivels more*
  2. LDGM » eyeoftruth

  3. LDGM » eyeoftruth

  4. LDGM » eyeoftruth

  5. LDGM » Link Player

    *adjusts swivel chair hight*
  6. LDGM » Max

    i have a 4 on my rating. help me please.
    regards - LDGM
    p.s. i got my own clan :joy:
  7. LDGM » Riley12345

    *(_)* i'm not one to be impersonated, so let the judgement of other commentors stand against you...
    note: if i'm insulted by you in any way again i'll report you to a moderator...
  8. LDGM » UltimateZeldaFan

    @paddymac below
    he is back.
  9. LDGM » eyeoftruth

    when did you become a moderator?
    if so, then who are the news submitters?
  10. LDGM » The Chilled Hylian

    i never did anything, it was django & company.
  11. LDGM » Ammonsa

    You need to stop changing your name mate
    It's hard keeping up xp
  12. LDGM » Ryu

    :D i got Silvertongue, for my birthday today, i can't wait until i finish it!
  13. LDGM » Ammonsa

    It's me, LDGM
    I didn't recognise you with your name change.
    we need to relieve the old times again sometime :)