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  1. LDGM » The Biggest Zelda Fan Ever

    so you're leaving keaton army...
    but why do you choose the great evil army?
  2. LDGM » PokeFan

    so you could just change the army name without FF knowing?
  3. LDGM » Max

    so why min?
    What happened to the original Val hammer?
  4. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    so did you get a wii for christmas?
    i did :p
  5. LDGM » Max

    sledgey :3
  6. LDGM » The Chilled Hylian

    since you were gone i've made several appeals back into the clan, but GM and paddy are being nasty and not letting me return.
  7. LDGM » Arcane

    shame, you missed the opening of the arcade.
    well i'd like a sit & go chalenge against you in avalanche, but first you must play an arcade game.
  8. LDGM » Vadarth X

    september (like the song).... well i need to go offline now, i have school tommorow and it's late in UK. I'll talk tomorrow if i have the time and not too much homework. was nice hearing from you;
    - LDGM, your old friend
  9. LDGM » The Minish Link

    see; i added you to my friends list =)
  10. LDGM » PokeFan

    scarred for life?
    you mean one of the pandas in your library may scratch me?
  11. LDGM » Max

    same here.
    it's impossible.
  12. LDGM » Vadarth X

    same here, my school starts tomorrow, so i can't be on too often. my parent's don't want me on either :p. by the way my birthday's on the 21st, i must have registered it wrong.
  13. LDGM » Max

    s, how's jimethy doing in pie town.
  14. LDGM » Ryu

    ryu? i finally finished ironhand
  15. LDGM » PokeFan

    right, you're accepted.
  16. LDGM » Max

    read your messages i sent you one called pie bells.
    read it and laugh.
    me and chef nonsense did.
  17. LDGM » PokeFan

  18. LDGM » Goron Merchant

    please accept me so i can quit. you clan is against your old honour medal holder.
  19. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    pipe wrench fight!
  20. LDGM » PokeFan

    pie wolf still beats seraphim in every stat. for now, training turtle is best.
  21. LDGM » Padraig!

    pfft, if you were observant, you'd know i left the clan to Mr.PokeFAN on my holiday. :p
    i applaude your disorientation