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  1. LDGM

    Just a small visit
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    2. Ammonsa


    3. Michael

      Why not stay FOREVER?

    4. LDGM

      life's too short to fit a forever in I'm afraid... only a brief flickering of hope :S

  2. LDGM » Max

    sledgey :3
  3. LDGM » Ammonsa

    you change it all the time :/
  4. LDGM » Ammonsa

    You need to stop changing your name mate
    It's hard keeping up xp
  5. LDGM » PokeFan

  6. LDGM » Max

    Of course I knew. Sledge too if i remember correctly
  7. LDGM » Max

    so why min?
    What happened to the original Val hammer?
  8. LDGM » Ammonsa

    Y U nO REPLY?
  9. LDGM » PokeFan

    kewl, a novel
    what happens?
  10. LDGM » Max

    lol, couldn't have put it any better myslef :D
  11. LDGM » PokeFan

    yah, things have changed pokefan, and before I inevitably am forced away again I still have a mission to accomplish here, so i'll be around for a bit yet
  12. LDGM » PokeFan

    you make it sound like a choice. lol.
    I had to, I missed you and the others too much, after being at my new forum for so long. :p
    But yes, back I have come.
  13. LDGM » Max

    to the end of the world, my friend
  14. LDGM » Teto

    you're female now @_@
  15. LDGM » Jareddude

    i subscribed
  16. LDGM » Sahaqiel

  17. LDGM » Arcane

    happy birthday Arcane(Lord)
  18. LDGM » Adr990

    happy birthday
  19. LDGM » Max

    val hammer!
    still like pie?
  20. LDGM » Vadarth X

    vadarth, i miss you.
    you were awesome
  21. LDGM » eyeoftruth

    hiya EoT
    remember this?