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  1. LDGM

    Just a small visit
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    2. Ammonsa


    3. Michael

      Why not stay FOREVER?

    4. LDGM

      life's too short to fit a forever in I'm afraid... only a brief flickering of hope :S

  2. LDGM

    Thanks for reminding me of my username.
  3. LDGM

    hmm. a theme song. that'd be cool, i'd pay rupees for a decent one,
    oh and thanks for my ninja.
  4. LDGM » Max

    your account says you live in pie town, where is it, i need pie to live.
  5. LDGM » Guest

    welcome to the sinking goron, i'm the leader of it's veryand i can give y own garo legion ou any information on its ikanan army if you need it.
  6. LDGM » Max

    yes, i'm a pie aurhority too.
    i must seek pie town to find the
    one pie to rule them all.
    that is my mission in this world.
  7. LDGM » Chef Nonsense

    one pie to rue them all.
    it must be destroyed in the crust of mount doom.
  8. LDGM » Chef Nonsense

    okay, the crust of mount pastry sounds better then.
  9. LDGM » Chef Nonsense

    better idea
    lord of the donut rings.
    piedo must destroy the one donut ring to rule them all in the crust of mount pastry.
    coming to a fanficion near you.
  10. LDGM » Colonia e

    wow another pie authority,
    i'm seeking the one pie to rule them all, it must be destroyed in the crust of mount doom.
  11. LDGM » Guest

    hello and welcome to hyrule.net
  12. LDGM » Max

    yes our own army, we can have jimethy the slice of pie as our mascot, and all the ranks could be pie related.
  13. LDGM » Max

    yes, i can see it now crust, filling and topping,
    i'd be topping.
  14. LDGM » Max

    yes that would be awesome, though i don't see it ever becoming official.
  15. LDGM » Max

    i wanted to be filling.
  16. LDGM » Max

    oh yes, i remember now (i was thinking of something else at the time) yes, i'd be topping, you can be filling.
  17. LDGM » Max

    s, how's jimethy doing in pie town.
  18. LDGM » Oni_Link49

    jimethy is pumpkin flavour, and is now val hammer's aso all fan mail goes to him. also feel free to adopt a pie.
  19. LDGM » Max

    we should have an adopt a pie agency, for all those pies who need homes, we'd make pie happy and get rupees.
  20. LDGM » Max

    yes, that would be awesome, i'm going to be unable to be online during saturday and sunday which i'm not looking forward to.
  21. LDGM » Max

    well i'm back now, i wasunable to be online because i had to attend a cousin's wedding in london.
  22. LDGM » vamp neko

    welcome to hyrule.net
  23. LDGM » Max

    yes, but UK is always rainy, especially in the north parts of it, the south UK is good though.
  24. LDGM » Max

    why wales?
    all the places have double letters like llandudno.
    i've been to wales around 3 times, my cousin lives there.
  25. LDGM » Max

    australia sounds good, and japan is up to date with everything.
    i'd most live to live in south britain, australia or canada.