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  1. practically jizzing over the fact that i go to school and do nothing but maths and science all day.

    sagusagsadgs i love it

    i love 6th form ok

    I had this feeling last year...

    quickly got bored of the monotony though. Yes I was great at the subjects and liked them, but quickly got bored of days solely of Economics, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry each day

    glad to see you seem happy though

  2. lol

    speaking assessments are awful in languages.

    I do french though.

  3. I normally would, but can you transfer your 4th generation pokemon to the game if you have an emulator?

    probably not, unless you use emulator cheats or action replay or somesuch device

  4. Min I thought you were british or something weird like that

    no dude, that's me :s

  5. hey Zoe

    I remember you from our sinking goron days, back with Quazy and GM and Zuzu and me and Paddymac

    those were the best days :]

    You probs don't remember me much though