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  1. anyone, unless they had too many magic mushrooms, would cleary say yes.

    it would be good if there was a treasure chest game (like the one in ocarina of time where everyone likes to use the eye of truth to cheat in) on this site:

    10 rupees to enter(50 if you want more chance of winning) same number of rooms and rules as IN OoT. prize in final chest would be about 200 rupees.

    thats just my idea though.

  2. their pathetic company rips off a grat masterpiece by the most admirable company yet and expect to get away with this! :angry:

    may the ghosts of many garos haunt their dreams as they continue to disgust me with their sick, in humane creations.

    starting from now i have 3 lifelong dreams.

    1. destroy the v tech company :angry:

    2. go on wi-fi in McDonalds again

    3. conrol legions of garo followers across the internet.

  3. i've always wanted to be master or leader of something and naturually garos are cool and prehaps an ovelooked race since thy only appeared in majora's mask, but I, the true heir f the garo master have revived their dynasty as the next Garo master.

    in short the name's just kinda cool :embarrassed:

  4. i quite like my school. i'm interform fooball captain and i came 2nd in the school airhockey championship.

    however garo ninja school sounds a lot better :unsure:

  5. garo master never dies.

    Garo master uses strange dissapering garo technique.

    garo master only dies from light arrow. :unsure:

    next poster dies from my garo ninja slash technique

  6. i'd like to coninue from the wind waker and phantom hourglass series.

    majora and bellum will both star in this game (like vaati and ganon did in four swords adventures) and there will be a garo temple.

  7. i voted MM for i found majora as my fav of the five main antagonists (ganon, majora, vaati, Zant and bellum).

    Also majora's mask has garos in it :joy: , which is how my username came to be.

    i think twighlight princess is doing so well, for it was advertised on tv, unlike many other zelda games.

    ocarina of time did much better than any other zelda game probably, for it was the first zelda game in 3D