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  1. oh, thanks very much :D

    Ampharos is very cool :]

    I've been a little busy on mafiascum.net, but wanted to come back for a bit

    So hows you all doings?

  2. ...

    Anyone play roll to dodge?

    Anyone interested in a game?

  3. Homestruck has dragged on

    and newer followers of MS paint adventures are to be introduced with the one with the PI

    that's protocol

    We could easily make our own Hyrule.net homestruck for LoZ using paint

    we did it on my other forum with pokemon and it's a success :D

    @Ammosa: Ignoring the fact that you've not replied to my attempts to have a conversation with my old friend, I was aware of your disaster, but since you live in Canberra you should've been okay.

    I have a friend in Perth who told me about them, as well as much about you intruiging Hyundai A-League, so the news wasn't completely new :/

    oh, and we have the Ashes XP

  4. make it green :P

    but srlsy, I'm interested in a professional answer

    I know that it can be done with fireworks, but I'm cheap and don't have it ¬_¬

  5. lol, thanks

    I never knew victreebel was so green and omastar so blue XD

    the good old days ^_^


    Coke Zero products freeze at a temperature similar to water, 32 degrees. Coca-Cola classic freezes at a slightly lower temperature, about 30 degrees. The pressure in an unopened bottle or can will cause the freezing point to be even lower.

  6. Thanks guys, halolz succeeds again :]

    oh, and my tests went great thnx ^_^

  7. big tests for me tommorow ¬_¬

    wish me luck :S

    also, I have a new siggy :D

  8. Are exams the only thing people talk about on talk topics >_>

    on my 2 other forums, Pokemonmysidia and Teamuber.net, the most recent talk pages are plastered with exam worries too ¬_¬

    anyways, my observation side, I haope you do very well in your exams, my friend. I too enjoy the classes that are the scourge of my friends :)

  9. hey guys, what do you think of my first ever pokemon sprite?

    it's pretty cool eh?


    EDIT: It was fine posting it on my other forum since it had a white layout ¬_¬

  10. Gears of war 3 is the one I've been looking forward to the most.

    What about Max sledge bob? >_>

    don't let the flame die :fear:

  11. Well, basically they just started ignoring me for no reason. Now I basically have no true friends....no one to talk to about real problems...

    dude, you have us

    when my chums began to ignore me, i always knew i'd have my hylian friends, and you should remember that too