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  1. uh, why have several members set their gender to female, when they're obviously male?

    is this a new fad ever since the dustina incident

    lol, April fools was always classic here at hyrule.

  2. 'borrow' a microphone from your school

    just say you're doing a video project on the nitrogen levels of public telephone boxes of 1976

    anything like that usually works ;)

  3. ^lol, i know

    and they're going to ban octillery in the next generation due to his new ability, 'inconsistent'

    I don't like how one site has so much power over which pogeymanz are banned ¬_¬

  4. ^one mod with no life >_>

    this is why i left smogon a looong time ago.

    It's overcrowded. An example is that there are currently 911 online users there, whereas we have 8. :P

    @YLA: more on the wells later ;)

    EDIT: 916 NOW ¬_¬

  5. ^there id only a 0.61% chance of that occuring for a sole pig :0

    on a side note, I was thinking of creating a Hyrule well index, would anyone be interested?

    On an even more unrelated note, I'm angry at smogon since my 5th ever post there has been classified as spam and been removed, even though i brought humor to an otherwise dull topic ¬_¬

  6. yeah, I only made an account on it 3 days ago

    although i already have 4 subscribers :]

  7. hiya

    i'm LDGM

    welcome to Hyrule, the future of Hyrule depends on you

    so enjoy what we have to offer and stick around :)

  8. uh.

    beat em up.

    He duel wields sledge hammers.

    also passion.

    for hammers.

    so it's like a smash game

    A new challenger approaches:

    Solid Sledge!

    something like that with a smash attack being 'Val Hammer' in which hammers fall from the sky

    on a completely unrelated note, does anyone remember TML?


  9. i was joking, i alraedy know :embarrassed:

    It was really just a place for me, pokefan, and ralan bek to hang out :)

    anyways, max sledge bob eh? is it going to be an rpg?

  10. yeah

    but they were fun back when we had the arcade and munjpets. Do we still have them?

    I remember training for hours with pokefan to get the strongest poes in town. >_>

  11. ^i would, but all my rupees seemed to have disappeared when i returned >_>

  12. he was the original val hammer and the best :D

    or Maximilian sledge Robertson, which is his name, if i remember correctly.