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  1. ^Val Hammer!


    we had so many funny adventures

    how was i supposed to recognise you

    why has everyone changed their name >_>

    The hammer is truly a hyrule legend

  2. yeah, that's what it used to stand for

    But the name LDGM has lost all meaning

    I keep it so that people still know who i am

  3. i'm guessing you joined after I left

    well anyways, nice to meet you :)

  4. ^awesome.

    are gingerlink, zuzu and goron mercahnt still here?

    I think I know you. Perhaps you were once Garo Master?


  5. I haven't been posting much beacause they're sick of me posting about the same stuff which is Mother/Earthbound, and this girl I like, Ana. So I haven nothing to talk about.

    funny you should mention it

    I downloaded earthbound on emulator. Did so last week.

    I'm quite proud since it was never released in UK

  6. yeah, i'm back.

    from a quick sweep of this page it looks like it's only chefy that i know.

    I've been gone, and i have many things to tell, but that can come later.

    so how are all my friends doing? YLA, Pokefan Chefy, arcane and such :)

  7. Apparently it's been a week since I was last online, but it feels more like 7 days. :mellow:

  8. sorry I'm late I've been playing cards with Africans


    no, I usually won

  9. No no no no no no no no no no no no no!!! Something happened to my flash drive and now Mother 3 and Earthbound are gone. :cry:

    ouch, that' awful....

    alternate answer

    yeah, well europe never had them.

  10. it's a wonderfullife, the title says it all. ;)

    no matter how unhappy or angry you are when you start to watch the film everything turns out good and you have a happy take on life.

  11. Where is everyone? >_>

    the only time i can get on and no-one has the courtesy to be around. :blowup:

    i suppose i'll be back much later then. :biker:


  12. i'm trying to find the nearest ultimate flying disc club for my duke of Edinburgh.... :unsure:

    it's in bath >_>

  13. I might have strep throut.

    yeah i once had a bad throut


    another time i had a bad throat.