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  1. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Hey there! You're into Death Note now? That's so cool. BTW- how are you... I've been away for a while, so what's up?
  2. Arcane » Twilight Epona

    Nice avatar. XD
  3. Mao » Twilight Epona

    Not dead, just near dead! :D
  4. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Interesting. I'm not super familiar with the Ness x Lucas pairing, or I guess Earthbound in general (it is called that, right?). I'll have to look it up. Poor Lucas... Ness is dead? *sniff* Oh, well, I think L probably dies too.... *double sniff*.
  5. Mao » Twilight Epona

    Hah, same with Ness/Lucas. Totally not canon. xD In Lucas's time, Ness is prbably realllly old man or dead. xD Most likely dead.
  6. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Yeah. It's kinda hard to explain, but if you wanted to look it up on Google video, you can find the episodes. It's about these two boys trying to stop eachother (one from killing people with his "death note" and the other from finding him). I think L x Light and kinda cute as a pair.... but that's totally fan shipping and non canon.
  7. Mao » Twilight Epona

    I dunno what Death Note is though! xD All I know is that is an anime/manga, right?
  8. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Definitely. I seriously love it! Haha, like I said, you wouldn't happen to want to draw some Death Note characters for me sometime? L x Light... :P
  9. Mao » Twilight Epona

    Thank you! :D Now my hand really hurts! :D But its worth it. Imma go put it on Deviantart now.
  10. Twilight Epona » Mao

    OMG! It's great!!! Way to go!!
  11. Mao » Twilight Epona

    I posted! :D Yay.
    Lucas/Ness needs more love than it gets. >__>
  12. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Oh, nice! I'll have to look for it when it's up. Your other art that you've put up looks really nice.
    lol, no worries, just wondering. It doesn't bother me. See my avatar. :P
  13. Mao » Twilight Epona

    I just finished the one I was working on. :D I'll go and post it in a bit.
    Eheheh, its a possiblilty that I do... :3
  14. Twilight Epona » Mao

    That's pretty cool. You'll have to show me when you are done. Okay, this is a weird question, so if I'm wrong don't be offended but you ship Ness and Lucas together right?
  15. Mao » Twilight Epona

    Ah, thank you. :D I've been workin on this picture of Lucas. My hand hurts. D: BUT I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I'M DONE COLORING IT!
  16. Twilight Epona » Ganon's Girl

    Sweet, you like Death Note? It's few and far between usually that people even know what it is. :D
  17. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Sup? Nice new avatar. :)
  18. Young Link Addict » Twilight Epona

    I've been on this site since October 14th 2007. Yes they are we have a roleplaying section if you haven't found it yet.
  19. Twilight Epona » Young Link Addict

    Thanks for the welcome. How long have you been on the forums? Are the forums any good for roleplaying?
  20. Mao » Twilight Epona

    No one ever got very far without encouragement. :]
    And SOMEBODY *cough*diamondtriforce*cough* Likes to discourage people in thier art. He doesnt know how to give constructive critisism.
  21. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Thank you very muchly! Encouragement is always very nice. :D
  22. Mao » Twilight Epona

    But it is good! :D I'm bad with dynamic poses other than standing and sitting. xD
  23. Twilight Epona » Mao

    Oh, thanks. :) I'm really not that good, I just have my moments of patience, I wish I could color without the computer, but alas... Your Ness/Lucas pics are amazing.