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  1. Luneth Uchiha

    Crawling in my crawl, these crawls they will not crawl. Crawl is how I crawl.

  2. Luneth Uchiha » Cascade

    I'm secretly looking over your profile right now.

    1. Michael


    2. Cascade

      who is this spectre haunting my profile............

  3. Luneth Uchiha

    My name is Luneth and I have a problem with cheese dip.

  4. Luneth Uchiha

    Finished the national Dex on Pokemon Y version. I'm done until Gen VII! woop woop
    1. Fierce Muffin

      Nah, nah, son. You still got three Pokemon to go. Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa await you.

    2. Teto

      That's how they get you.

  5. Luneth Uchiha

    Just finished DanganRonpa. That was all kinds of crazy yo.
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    2. SilverAlchemic

      more like

    3. SilverAlchemic


    4. Cascade

      wow you sped through the game pretty fast. i hope my copy gets here soon...

  6. Luneth Uchiha

    I am dumb enough to start up LP'ing. You can find my channel I did Kirby's Dreamland and am currently doing Four Swords Adventures. go nuts.
    1. PrimaGaga

      404 not found

    2. Luneth Uchiha

  7. Luneth Uchiha

    My Pokemon X loves me. I just got a shiny lombre.
    1. Sahaqiel

      what in the dickens

    2. PrimaGaga


    3. Cascade

      wtf please give me some of your shiny luck

  8. Luneth Uchiha

    30 minutes into pokemon X, shiny fletchling
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    2. Cascade

      you lucky bastard

    3. Luneth Uchiha

      Exact same odds. 1/8192

    4. Sahaqiel

      Maybe it's just that a ton of people have the game now and the odds of someone you know having a shiny are better??

  9. Luneth Uchiha

    Just learned today that starting August 14th, I will be going to live with my sister for a few months and she does not live anywhere near the internet. Anyone wants to play New Leaf with me, you have a month.
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    2. Luneth Uchiha

      About 2 hours outside of I think Tulsa.

    3. pheonix561

      in a farmhouse or something?

    4. Luneth Uchiha


  10. Luneth Uchiha

    Went to gamestop today expecting nothing, found Jak and Dax 1-3 HD for Vita. My prodigal child has finally found a game that isn't P4 that is good.
  11. Luneth Uchiha

    Cascade add me on New Leaf: 0989-1729-1490. Do eet.
    1. Cascade

      IT IS DONE

  12. Luneth Uchiha

    My average playtime on New Leaf is 10 hours 35 minutes. I may have a problem.
  13. Luneth Uchiha

    With Iwata moving to become the CEO of NOA while Tatsumi Kimishima takes the helm of central Nintendo, I think Nintendo will be going down a very different, but very innovative path for the next little while. It will be interesting.
  14. Luneth Uchiha

    After a week, I have beat the first world of Super Mario Bros2. the lost levels. I am someone who can beat the original mario bros in 20 minutes. I'm going to go cry now.
    1. Sahaqiel

      pretty cool ;o

  15. Luneth Uchiha

    I just remembered my Vita is region free. I should get Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.
  16. Luneth Uchiha

    Just purchased Metroid other M. Considering it's a Metroid game and it's developed by a somewhat well known studio, it has to be a good game right?
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    2. PrimaGaga

      i heard the game play was worse than the story.

    3. Knuckle

      Let me put it this way; I have never been compelled to buy a game made by Team Ninja, and this game did nothing to change that trend.

      I dunno, go play the Prime Trilogy again if you want a good time.


      THE BABY

  17. Luneth Uchiha

    Let me tell you something about my job. Everyone's the killer and I'ma Super Mario.
  18. Luneth Uchiha

    Alright people, I want to get Persona 3 but I have a dilemma. The only system I have that can play it(legally) is the PSP. Even though I hear P3P is butchered, should I get it or wait until I get a PS2 and get FES?
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    2. Chase

      Yeah I mean just persona 3 is not worth getting a ps3 for. The psp version is fine if you can't wait.

    3. Luneth Uchiha

      Hmm, probably will get the psp one for now and then once I get the PS2 or PS3(since my budget will finally allow it)I'll get FES with the other RPGs I'm looking at. Thanks guys

    4. Double45

      Go for the digital PSP version for your vita if you can. you can set the L and R buttons to the Right stick and a lot of other neat things, its probalby the best way to play P3P

  19. Luneth Uchiha

    Persona 4 Golden is so colorful, it's like I'm on some kind of weird psychedelic drug.
    1. Double45

      Good game, I beat the original on ps2 a month or so before Golden came out so I don't have much incentive to play Golden, I haven't even saved the first person yet lol

    2. Chimetals

      so jealous :< ill be playing the original on an emulator on my laptop, if my poor computer can hold out that long.

    3. Cascade


  20. Luneth Uchiha

    It is time for me to face my greatest nemesis. A mastermind of evil intentions that could very well destroy the world as we know it if left unchecked. This is the hardest enemy anyone will ever face in a video game. Canary Mary in Cloud Cuckooland.
    1. pheonix561

      what game is that again

    2. Luneth Uchiha


  21. Luneth Uchiha

    Anyone remember when the Nintendo DS slogan was "Touching is good"? Nearly 7 years later, my brain grasped why they canned that...
    1. Knuckle

      OMG cuz its liek touching gurls right XDDDDDDD

      ur so funny!!1!

  22. Luneth Uchiha

    It has been snowing for 29 straight hours where I live. The snow is up to about halfway, maybe 3/4 between my knee and my foot.
  23. Luneth Uchiha

    Considering getting Conker's Bad Fur Day. Which is better, the N64 uncensored version, or the xbox remake?
    1. Chase

      N64 version is better overall. Graphics are better on the Xbox though.

  24. Luneth Uchiha

    1. T1g

      Google Translate much?

    2. Sahaqiel

      Most malefolk wouldn't use "watashi" to refer to himself. Unless Google Translate.

      Hope you thought the trailer was cool.

  25. Luneth Uchiha

    Free Colloseum Jirachi due to overstock! Get them while my supplies last!
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    2. Luneth Uchiha

      I have a ton. I was using my disk to try to get a specific nature and stored them on my colloseum.

    3. Cascade

      ffffff forgetting my DS :(

    4. Luneth Uchiha

      I'll hold onto one for you Cascade.