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    I went crazy with BOTW when it came out. I took a week off work and just marathoned it. Did two 40 hour sessions(day inbetween each one) and beat all the shrines, found over 400 koroks, and beat the game. Can't wait for DLCs. I'm the kind of gamer that likes to game for 18 hours, inject a saline solution, push back in my eyeballs and go back for round 2.
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    The hardest part is now working on the sequel. I wrote book 1 in 2011, rewrote it in 2014. I started book 2 in 2011, but ceased work in 2012 with school. I have 5 year old notes to look through and memorize again
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    A book I wrote is published.
    My book, Ceatera was written while I was in high school. I rewrote it and then sat on it for three years. Now it's being published by Amazon.
    See guys? I did amount to something. Years of shitposting on this forum did do something productive.
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    Dangan Ronpa 3 Future premiered today. Good to see old Monokuma at it again.
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    Looking at the teaser pic a bit more. The girl kinda looks like the love child of Makoto and Kyoko. Dunno though. We should be getting more info soon since the anime starts up in july.

    also to edit; they are apparently also remaking the trials of Dangan Ronpa 1 for Playstation VR:
    Subsubnote: After seeing the trainwreck of the funimation dub, I'm kinda scared what they'll do to Dangan Ronpa 3. 
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    Dangan Ronpa 3 got a trailer. 
    from 3:03: the first 3 minutes are summaries of the first two games. This is really rough, I'm going to type as I listen.
    The Future Foundation, formed of former Hope's Peak Academy students desiring to reclaim the former world.
    Hope kills hope.
    In 2016, the curtain opens on a new death game. The final chapter of the Hope's Peak Academy series, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy: Future, broadcast starting in July
    Wait, you're saying we forgot something? We haven't talked about the most important thing? Why did these students fall to despair?
    This is the other Danganronpa 3 -- the story that leads to The Worst Event in Human History. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy: Despair -- production confirmed!
    Wait, who am I? I used to be the ultimate housekeeper!

    DR3 seems to be another killing game, and this is the cast they revealed. Now to think who's going to be prey and who will be predators.
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    Clud Reviews
    So slowly I am working on getting up my own game review site, and looking at things like wordpress to get it up. Until that day comes that I'm not too lazy to make the site, I will post my weekly reviews on this thread. Enjoy!
    This week we will turn our gaze onto the new Chibi Robo game that released on the 3DS. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the tiny robot, here is a bit of backstory for you. Late into the Gamecube's lifespan, preceding the release of the Wii by only a few months came a brand new series by Nintendo. The game, Chibi Robo was bundled with a microphone and showed the adventures of this 2 inch robot helping out a family in unanimous ways. Not many stores even carried the game, and due to the launch of the wii this game would fall into obscurity. What could you do to follow a game about a tiny robot maid that didn't sell well? Well, evidently Nintendo doesn't really know either since they can't make up their minds on what they want the series to be. While more than half of the Chibi Robo games have not come out into the US and I can not personally speak for them, the ones that have come out have all been different genres. 3D adventure, Rhythm, photo finder, and now 2D platform. How does Chibi Robo's newest outing into the 2D platform world fare? Well, let's discuss. So in Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, you learn that microscopic aliens are competing with the united states to use up all the world's resources. Chibi Robo, who is for unexplained reasons cleaning a rocket with a toothbrush decides that it is unacceptable for aliens to compete with the states and rushes down to earth to combat the alien menace. In terms of a 2D platformer, there really isn't much that we haven't seen before. Chibi robo's plug is reminiscent of the whips from castlevania, much of the vehicle levels could have been pulled from Yoshi's Island and carry the same frustrations without the charm, and it even becomes a collectathon in the scope of Yoshi's Island. All brought to you by the many junk food companies. There is so much product placement in the game you'd swear Nintendo knew the game would bomb in sales and sold out in advertisement. Now, the vast majority of the game is salvagable. It's not a bad game parsay, the platforming can be enjoyable infact. The true menace of this game is the level roulette. Each world in the game is made up of six stages. You need to beat each of the six stages in order to move on. You do not get to choose where you go, rather a roulette will choose for you where you can go. If you are unlucky, you will be stuck repeating the same stage over and over and over again. What nintendo, did you realize the game was so short that you figured you'd make us spend an extra hour in each world just repeating the same crap over? A lot of these levels are already the same, don't make us notice it by shoveling literally the same stage at us without end. Overall I would give the game a 7/10, worth getting if you are a fan of the little robot or are a mega fan of the 2D platform genre. If you are looking for a good old experience like the gamecube Chibi Robo, go and play that instead. You'll get a lot more satisfaction.
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    So in a recent update. 
    Ever since high school when I get anxious or stressed out enough, I can get nauseous. My dad finally had enough of it and set up an endoscopy for me. While they were in there they found 10 ulcers at least 2 inches in length, a hiatal hernia, and a barret's esophagus. Apparently I don't handle stress well.
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    Another episode came out in the US today. I just got to chapter 2. This game so far isn't too difficult, just making me trek all over the place to collect little things and making me paranoid i'm missing crap. :S
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    Still waiting for them to give us a release date for the adventures of Harry Potter-kun, Junko Enoshima, and Naruto.
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    @ Werewolf  Being open is actually even hard for me on the internet. For some reason I still feel awkward posting a bit. I just need to get more used to talking to everyone again. The people I tend to get along with the best are those who tend to have a similar sense of humor I do(very innapropriate) 
    @LL Beans, thanks man.  
    @necro. I'm working slowly into getting back into community college. I've been doing online college, and the transition is being a pain(getting credits to move over)
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    Clud's life in nutshell

    Ever since I was a little kid I knew there was something different about me. I always seemed to perceive the world in a very different and unusual way compared to others. In preschool while other kids were playing tag, playing on the swings, or slide; I would climb underneath a bush and think about what would happen if there weren't enough boys to marry girls or vice versa.
    In elementary school it became very hard. Other kids were very aware that I was different and often teased me for it and shunned me. For the first few years I would just take it in and sulk. After a time I started to get angry. Why was I picked on? Why was I different? I got so angry and would lose my temper on a dime. My parents didn't know how to deal with me. My dad's first instinct was to buy me a Nintendo 64 to keep me preoccupied. Video games helped a great deal. In video games I could do whatever and escape to a world of imagination. No one tormented me. 
    When I was in fourth grade my parents decided to have me tested. I was diagnosed with high functioning autism. I hated that I was different, and felt very alone.
    In middle school, it got somewhat better. I wouldn't get angry as easily, but I still had a lot of frustration at the world. People continued to pick on me until I hit my growth spurt and hit 6'5. After that only the adamant ones continued to tease me. It was around this point in time I realized that over the course of years my social skills and capabilities were diminished. I am a very shy person by nature and have a very hard time speaking my mind. I slowly started to realize I didn't really fit in with any social groups and ended up taking up the internet as a way to pass the time. On the internet there were lots of people talking about things I knew. Video games, anime.
    High School. Sophomore year was a massive changing point for me. There was an incident halfway through the year that snapped me out of being highly autistic and realize the impact I have on people. I started to think about the people that I have hurt or been a burden on over the years and it destroyed me. To make that even harder; early in the year I knew someone that ended up comitting suicide. Deep down I wished that I would have been the one to do so instead of him. 
    I started to view myself as human garbage. I began to judge myself much harsher than any person should judge anything. If I did something I felt harmed another person in any way, even if it just inconvienenced them I would beat myself up physically. 
    I had a very hard time dealing with people. I am so shy and introverted that if I'm not used to someone, it's very hard to talk to them. As a result I only managed to make two real friends in highg school. A lot of the time though, they had their own lives and given my scope of not wanting to be a burden on others I just started to deal with my problems on my own. There was a few times I would try to strangle myself because I was so angry at how I had become.
    After graduation I was scared and frustrated. I didn't know what to do in life. I have some form of Attention Deficite Disorder and have a very hard time with school. No matter where I applied, I couldn't get a job. Eventually I found employment at a subway and was there until I would go on a mission. The January after I graduated I was in a horrible car accident that totaled my car. While I physically not recieved any damage at all, something triggered. I lost control of my senses, the world felt like it was all closing in on me, and I started to hyperventilate and go into a great panic. I would shake violently, and couldn't even hear anyone's voice. This was my first severe panic attack. 
    The panic attacks stopped after this one, so I just disregarded it as an extreme situation. Shortly after I was explained that because of my situation, I wasn't going to be allowed to have a normal LDS mission. I was going to be sent out to West Jordan, and would only serve 12 weeks overall.
    My mission was an interesting experience. Deep down I was very frustrated that I had to go. I always thought two years was such a long time and it scared me. I felt very controlled and felt like I had no freedom at all during my mission. It was very hard for me to talk to people because of my social anxiety. The things I would normally do to calm myself I was unable to do. The stress piled on and on. One day something snapped and while on splits, my body forced another panic attack like it had with the car accident. We wrote it off and just an episode, but they kept coming. It got to a point I would have 4 or 5 severe panic attacks a day that could last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. After debate I was sent home after six weeks.
    I fell into a great depression after my mission. I felt like a failure, and felt like I didn't really have much of a future at all beyond a mission to boot. I had no talents, and school was overwhelming to me. When I first got home I locked myself in my room for a few days and wouldn't leave.I even had people from both my homeward and my ysa ward tell me that I was a failure and wasn't worth anything. I managed to get myself onto the track of thought that my life had no meaning and that I was just a burden on my friends and family. Shortly after, I started to get so upset at myself I didn'tk now how to handle life. I broke a glass in a fit of rage and sliced up my arms. As the blood ran down my arms, it reminded me that I was alive and had a soul. The stress from my mission, as well as physical damage from the panic attacks gave me another gift. I became actually bipolar. In the down end of the spectrum it was often that I would find everything wrong with me and do great harm to myself. I still have several large scars on my arms, legs, and face from this.
    This would eventually lead to March of this year. At the time, I was at the pinacle of stress. Work was eating me alive in stress from in office politics, some of my best friends had started to let me know how much of a freak I am and how they didn't want anything to do with me, and to top it all off I could see how much stress my parents were under at the time iwth my dad's health and I couldn't help but feel like a great burden. One night the pain got to a point that I didn't know what to do. I just wanted the pain to go away. I started originally by getting some max strength nyquil and just chugged until I thought I would go numb. I drank the entire bottle, but still felt empty. As a result I grabbed some motrin, and took the equivelent of 4000 mg. Yes, this was an attempt at suicide by overdose. 
    I was hospitalized for a day as they stablized my condition, and then spent a week in a psychiatric ward. The psychiatric ward gave me a lot of time to think. It was either think, sleep, or be bored out of my skull. I would sleep about 17 hours a day, and then the rest of it I would just think about all the horrible things I had done. 
    I dropped off the face of the earth to a degree after that. I stopped going to church altogether to avoid people. I would only go to work, and then go home and play video games. I didn't want anything more to do with the world. I reached the conclusion that the more hope you have, the more despair you will feel when that hope is shattered.
    Recently I had to start going back into the world, forcing myself to even go to church because if I don't take action a friend will continue with a choice that can possibly ruin his life. Deep down I struggle though. I only really talk to two people outside of my family, and both of them will be going back to college soon. When I think about making friends, it honestly scares me and overwhelmes me. I try to make friends I can talk to, but often time I feel like I'm annoying them or that they don't care overall. 
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    I'm playing tons of Goat Simulator, and I don't even know why. It's like the cocaine of video games. 
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    If you need to talk, I can relate as well. I was actually in a psychiatric ward for a while back in March after I attempted suicide. It's not easy, but you aren't alone in everything.
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    Yeah, I'm aware that it's not easy to get picked up and that it's going to take a while. My biggest frustration right now is finding agents I can submit to. Most websites set up for writers just list off the same people over and over making this just become a big scavenger hunt.
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    120+ Query Letters
    So, to kind of give an idea of what I have to do I will summarize a few things. A query is generally the term used when you send an inquiry via email or snailmail to an agent in hopes of representing your book. These can consist of several different things based on the requirements of the agent in question. Most will include the following:
    -Query Letter
    A query letter is usually a one page long summary of what's going on with you and your novel. It's formatted so the first part is the one line hooker you would find on the back of a book, a paragraph summary like on the back of a book, a very brief bio of yourself, and contact information.
    -One to Two page summary of plot
    Self explanatory. This is a one or two page summary of your book, omitting no spoilers, so that they can have an idea of what your entire story is. This one isn't as common a requirement.
    -A sample.
    Each agent requires different lengths. Most will ask you to send the first ten pages of your document while some will ask for three pages and I've even had some ask for the first fifty pages. They will never have you send out your full novel without requesting it because they are interested.

    Most times I will have to edit the query letter depending on the agent. So each inquiry usually takes something about ten to twenty minutes once I find their site. I had a website that gave off a little over a hundred names, but after time about a fourth were not able to be submitted to anymore due to leaving or being full. So since I started submitting in april I have sent at least one hundred letters. I understand the process is long and hard, even JK rowling had hundreds upon hundreds of query letters she had to send out for harry potter but it's kind of frustrating when I don't know how to really find more agents. Not to mention I have been told several times that my work is promising but they don't want to deal with any unpublished authors because of the high risk. Currently I'm just sitting on writers digest and whenever they post about a new agent I will submit to them(assuming they deal with fantasy). This is slow though since only one comes up about every week. It's kind of frustrating, but oh well. I just keep pushing onward.
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    About what the crap is going on in this.
    I had a dream. Long ago I dreamed of making a video game. Many of you remember if you were around when Pokefan and I tried making a few games. In 2008 we started a conjoined project called "Project Tundra" which fell through. After the frustrations and realization I have no talent at games I gave up making games directly, but often day dreamed of stories for games. In 2010 I was often criticized by my language arts teacher that I had no talent in writing and had poor understanding of the english language. One day while stuck in study hall I got bored and decided to try writing out a story to practice. I decided I sucked and gave up.
    A bit later that year I picked it up again and tried writing it out on my computer. The story in question was a modified version of one of my stories I had day dreamed up in school instead of paying attention and several of my ideas from the scrapped project tundra. After showing an early version to one of my friends he said it was all confusing and I again gave up. In about February of 2011 I was again bored the crap out of my mind in a study hall and decided to give it one last try. I started writing out the story as well as other guide line scripts to help the story flow and thus my project was born. Having two friends reading it to make sure things moved along fine as well as constantly having pokefan help me to make sure things were fine in terms of story and writing I managed by late spring to get going on a fairly decent script. I worked hard on it as I waited for skyward sword. I would spend about 4 hours a day writing with two hours of just planning and working on a general script of events to follow.
    Finally in November 2011, I finished my first manuscript of my book. Unsure of what to do with it I pretty much sat on it and worked on the sequel until I could figure out what to do. After a while I went back and rewrote huge chunks of the manuscript until I came up with what I have today. Now I have an idea of what to do and I am currently writing several agents a day with query letters hoping someone is dumb optimistic enough to pick it up.
    So what is my book? Allow me to introduce it to you all. Ceatera is an urban fantasy book set in a world of magic, demons, technology, and I really don't know how else to describe it easily. The general setting of modern fantasy was drawn by Final Fantasy VII, but quite frankly it has taken many, many sources to inspire my works. The current first book is about 140,000 words long, with the second book being halfway done. I am so tired I don't know what else to put, so here is the 'catcher' one paragraph thing on the back of books I was supposed to write for one agent. Understand I can't talk too much about Ceatera in terms of plot and details until some point in the future.

    Meir Lorne is a mercenary working for the Desrua Guild in the city of Ceatera, genetically altered to be stronger, faster, and superior than others. Tensions rise fast when entire cities disappear and prisons become overrun. Facing down a war that could bring down an entire country, ancient wizards and demons with grudges of their own, and even other guilds of his comrades Meir must make decisions and experience things that boggle the imagination

    Also in the somehow chance this book publishes and takes off well, I will laugh and laugh, probably puke from anxiety since I hate being the center of attention, and laugh.