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  1. Gingerlink

    What does this do? O shi-!
  2. Gingerlink » Ganny

    hey, wait a moment, that profile picture looks familiar!
  3. Gingerlink » Gael

    To avoid taking the cosplay off-topic...
    Not skinny =X= fat, anorexic girls tend to look ridiculous...
  4. Gingerlink » =Zoe=

    are you just lurking?
    You havn't posted since the beginning of August, but you've been online recently...
    cmon, post! I like hearing what you have to say :)
  5. Gingerlink » Vivica Todd

    I think you're a very nice and interesting person.
    That's what I think of you...
  6. Gingerlink » =Zoe=

    I hadn't added you as a friend before because I hadn't seen you added me as a friend, thanks! :D
    Have a nice day!
  7. Gingerlink » Kimmy

  8. Gingerlink » Tai

    wow, didn't know you'd become a mod. Lowest posting mod, by a long shot :P
  9. Gingerlink

    akkk, I've been actually getting comments
    why did vivi slap me? :(
  10. Gingerlink

  11. Gingerlink » Du5t1n

    awww, you've got tons more comment than me...
    wait, im not the owner of this site, that might explain.
    I wish i still had my little part in the staff section :(
  12. Gingerlink

    lol, funny, i think i might've missed a load of comments though, can't you see any old ones?
  13. Gingerlink

    yay, friendage
    i have a crazy profile now, this new stuff's cool :S
    I promise I'll get back to the site more when i complete twilight princess :P