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  1. Also, Gingerlink, then what's a hardcore gamer?

    As mentioned before, they either don't exist, or it's whoever wants to label themselves as one

  2. Meh. It wasn't that bad. It's a bit difficult and it had trains, but it was better than WW and PH.

    "It wasn't that bad?" This is YLA and a toon link game, how long have I been gone?!

    I liked Spirit Tracks... :'C guess I can only be a casual gamer now. oh well.

    god do I hate the terms "hardcore gamer" and "casual gamer". Does it really matter?

    No, it doesn't, at all, ever.

    Some people like to label themselves as hardcore gamers because they believe that "they were here first". I also disagree with Saha opinion that every "hardcore" gamer considers games as an art, that's another point entirely

    Hm... :c I think I'll give it either a 3/5 or a 4/5. Maybe somewhere in between? Havn't played through the entire game just yet. However, what I've done so far was very enjoyable and it's a great game to play to pass the time during school-time.

    Although, I'm stuck. :c I just left the Fourth Realm to look for "something cold." However, as soon as I was in the 2nd realm, I saved the game and shut the Nintendo DS down. When I resumed play, my train was placed at the very edge of the map, as if I had just rode into it. I can't drag a path for my train on the bottom screen, it's as if the screen isn't reacting to my stylus at the very egde of the map. But the screen isn't broken, I can select the different spots on the map to see their names and the stylus works for other games. Sadly, I can't continue playing this file unless I create a path for my train. Anyone know of anything that can solve this? I don't particularly want to start over.

    Try recalibrating your touch screen

    My two cents: most fun I've had with a Zelda game for ages, a huge step up from Phantom Hourglass. Some of the puzzles started getting really quite fiddley, but I managed to get through (just) without using a walkthrough. All in all, a tight, challenging, well-made game.

  3. I have a fair few screenshots on my site now if you're interested

    Release date is pencilled in for early October

  4. oter internet memes that spawn something


    Leeroy Jenkins (warrior, but doesn't do anything crazy)

    Sadly, keyboard cat doesn't appear to have the tune :(

    Also, anything copyrighted will NOT be on the game, i.e. Mario, Tingle etc...

    Anything not copyrighted however has a very HIGH chance of being on the game

  5. Was just thinking how many new members notice this is here...

  6. Incredibly nice, definitely a well deserved best Craftsman award, the whole thing is really well done!

    I lack any of the skills necessary to do/make any myself, as well as nowhere to wear it to or the ability to look like any of the characters, but I really appreciate seeing what other people can come up with.

  7. This is a new thread for talking about your day, how's it been, good? bad? Interesting? Happening?

    Just a general "off your chest" thread.

    Today, I've pretty much just been at work and now I'm working on my game again and hoping someone actually comes online to play grifball with me (which doesn't look likely)

  8. My Inbox is in a constant state of fullness due to the amount of reports from threads that get sent in, I should really ask Dustin to increase that size.

    That's a "I didn't get your message" answer :(

  9. I hate that I have 35 people "watching" me on Rooster Teeth, but only about 3 tops ever give anything as much as a passing glance when I post something, even if I feel it's really important.

  10. He's been getting worse and worse, I've even stopped following him on twitter now...

    Also, if I actually have a problem with any of adr's stuff I just edit the grammar. How he speaks, especially so not in his first language, has got nothing to do with adr as a person.

  11. The_Cannon_by_Gingerlink.png

    I am currently working on an Xbox Live Community Game entitled "The Cannon"! I’ve been working on it since about the beginning of April, with a hiatus for my exams, but I am very happy with the project so far, with a significant portion of the coding complete. Another reason why I’ve been so unwilling to show anyone anything on this is I’ve done very little art for it thus far, so any screenshots would’ve been ugly.

    I will be making Wednesday updates with my progress on the game on my site [ ] (along with my Friday Punch Out videos and random Monday links) and with new details and such for you to see, but for now, here’s the brief for the game:

    You have a cannon in the centre of the screen and the objective is to survive! You have Ninjas, Monkeys, Pirates, etc… running towards you and you need to make sure they don’t have the chance to damage you. At your disposal you have fireballs, ice shards, electricity and vines. Each attack does different things to each enemy so use them strategically and don’t overuse just one or you’ll run out of power!

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments!

    (almost copypastad from my site, but oh well)

  12. Rickroll spawns Rick Astley

    and Keyboard Cat spawns the keyboard cat (I assume with catchy tune)

  13. Earlier this year, Nintendo registered the trademark "Wii Fit Plus" with the Japanese Trademark office. Now it's not always that something comes of Nintendo's trademarks, but is it possible that the sequel to Wii Fit is in the works?

    Wii Fit Plus could well be announced at E3 next week at Nintendo's conference, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.


    I'll leave all the discussion and whatever bashing you want to do to you guys.

  14. A boat is a boat, but a train is... Well it's not a boat. They had boats in medieval times. No one said anything about steam powered being a bad concept.

    you do realise a train is basically a steam powered wagon, right?

    And they had wagons AGES ago (including other Zelda games)

  15. I don't think it's rubbish because of the train. It doesn't look like a good game. The train just adds something that doesn't have anything to do with midevil times. I mean if they have trains then they should have guns because guns came before trains. Am I right?

    what makes it not look like a good game then?

  16. I don't know. Either way you still don't know do you. We'll have to wait till tomarrow. I still know it's fake. There would never be a train.

    you do realise it's not actually an april fool's joke unless it's played on april fool's day?

  17. Nothing besides the fact that trains weren't around in Midevil times. Besides guns came before trains. So guns have to be in the game too.

    See gun came before trains. There's no way around it.

    The Romans could've invented the train if they'd actually realised a use for steam power. They worked it out and made little fancy trinkets with it, but never used it to go anywhere

    However, I reiterate what I said in another thread that no-one moaned about the steamboat in PH, which is the same concept....

  18. Yeah, I remember getting scolded by my mother for repeating that when I was a little kid.

    Wait, what part of Banjo-Kazooie was perverted?

    hehe, a LOT, you gotta love rare, for adding a fair bit of British Humour in as well :D

    I never really saw hell as a swear word...

  19. I know a fair few people here have xbox 360s and Gamertags are far easier to track than friend codes, because the same one is used for every game, so post your gamertags here and the games you play so some of us members can join up online for some awesomefests :D

    My gamertag is Gingerink, if you're going to add me, post on here too, because I get a lot of random requests, so I need to know who you are.

    normally I'm on:


    Halo Wars


    End War (which I REALLY suck at)

    PGR 4

    Banjo Kazooie