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  1. Ryu » Zeroshift3

    Happy B-day my one loyal soldier :D
  2. LDGM » Zeroshift3

    happy birthday
  3. Link Player » Zeroshift3

    Happy birthday.
  4. Zeroshift3 » Odin

    No problem. I bet you like Carrot Cake?
    Me too. :P
  5. Zeroshift3 » Odin

    Yeah, Happy Birthday!2 members are celebrating their birthday today
    adfsgh(14), Odin(14)
  6. Zeroshift3 » Arcane

    Cool, Well, At least you got to listen to music, I just had to sit here, watching birds sleep.
  7. Arcane » Zeroshift3

    Not much either... I just got back from an Orchestra Concert though.
  8. Zeroshift3 » Arcane

    Nothin much, you?
  9. Zeroshift3 » Adr990

    Uhh, thanks? I think.
  10. Adr990 » Zeroshift3

    @ Cat Girl
    he sister *hug* family!!!!
    Welcome to our family
    ....and xD
  11. Zeroshift3 » Ganny

    Poor Froo Froo.
  12. Zeroshift3 » Arcane

    'ello. Sup?
  13. ZuZu » Zeroshift3

    Congrats to you too, with stephanie ;)
  14. Zeroshift3 » Lilly

    Hi, check out my website! I hope you join!
  15. Zeroshift3 » ZuZu

    No problem.
  16. Ryu » Zeroshift3

    everyone's crush has been getting on lately XD
  17. Zeroshift3 » Stephanie747

    Awesome! You're online! Well, I hope you will meet a lot of friends!
  18. Stephanie747 » Zeroshift3

    Hi baby! I just wanted to let you know that Im online! ^.^
  19. Ryu » Zeroshift3

    when did the typing spaces get highlighted? 'tis weird....Im not used to it, and the brightnes hurts my eyes sometimes...
  20. Zeroshift3 » Lilly

    hi lilly! its me, z3roshift3!
  21. Ryu » Zeroshift3

    I use XD too much.
    My newest threat is:"I'll shove a tennic ball in your ear!!"
    random ,evil, and funny XD
    see! there i go..using it again