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  1. I completed Halo 3:ODST on Legendary.I can finally use dare in Firefight.

    Have yet to complete Resident Evil 1

    I really need someone to help me complete Rock Band 2's Endless setlist

  2. Resident Evil 1(Gamecube,Jill my love :)

    Resident Evil 2(PSX,Claire)

    Resident Evil 4(Gamecube,Professional)

    Resident Evil 5(Xbox 360,Desperate Escape on Professional)

    Halo 3:ODST(Campaign on Legendary)

    Rock Band 2(Xbox 360) Trying to complete game's setlist,if you wanna be a part of my band,message me,looking for drummer,bassist and vocalist.

    Halo:Combat Evolved (Campaign on Legendary)

    Halo 3 (Matchmaking)Wanna play?message me

    Why no Resident Evil 3?I don't own it...yet ;)

  3. 1. I got free microsoft points

    2. I don't have all the Metallica albums

    3.I'm finally passing all my classes

  4. hm...

    Samus is hot,and has a huge arsenal of weapons.

    While the Chief has the Arbiter,Halo,the U.N.S.C.

    sorry,but the chief has my vote

  5. I'm gonna go Lazer Tag with my friends on friday.

    My friend and I are just gonna go in a corner and shoot till we win