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  1. masterlink

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    2. Michael

      I never saw the appeal for it. Even if they did manage to finish it Nintendo, probably would have taken it down.

    3. Cirt

      I made a topic about it a while back, btw

    4. masterlink

      Once it was out in the wild though, youd still be able to get your hands on it. sorry @Cirt I didn't see it :(

  2. masterlink

    Can't wait for the ura zelda project to be finished :D
  3. masterlink

    Geez this place has changed a lot since I've been here last
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    2. Fierce Muffin

      LL, that would be so nice. : (

    3. masterlink

      muffin your still here o.o

  4. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    ooh returnisms r goood ;D ;d ;d ;d;D:D;d
  5. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    i am bored but the bunny is occupying me lol :D
  6. mjlink01 » masterlink

    r u the same guy on youtube
  7. masterlink » The Chilled Hylian

    wat u been up to amigo???
  8. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    NOTHING is happening that's exciting
  9. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    sorry I missed ur B-day
    well Happy late B-day :D
  10. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    how have u been , wait..hmhmhm..
    I want a ststus report in the form of a PM :D
    jk WAZZUP Ihaven't seen/heard from u in a while
  11. Young Link Addict » masterlink

    Happy birthday Masterlink:)
  12. Umbreon » masterlink

    hippo birdie two ewe
  13. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    *whisper whisper* check ur PMs
  14. masterlink » The Chilled Hylian

    wats up? co-leader. got any commands?
  15. The Chilled Hylian » masterlink

    I asked u to vote on my poll bcause I need help choosing. (please vote)