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  1. Chase added a post in a topic The Phantom Pain is a 10/10 Masterpiece   

    Haha. I'm super excited for this game.
    Greg Miller loves it too.
    It sounds like Peace Walker mixed with open world gameplay. Greg called it Peace Walker 2.
  2. Chase added a topic in Video Games   

    The Phantom Pain is a 10/10 Masterpiece
    Check out IGN's review
    • 6 replies
  3. Chase added a post in a topic Coke or Pepsi: What is the Supreme Soda?   

    Mexican Coke with real sugar > every soda.
  4. Chase added a post in a topic A Song of Ice and Werewolves (GoT)   

    How could you kill your own blood, Jon...
  5. Chase added a post in a topic Nintendo Network ID   

    Aethix I'm FreefallSuperman
  6. Chase added a post in a topic A Song of Ice and Werewolves (GoT)   

    Maybe. But I put my faith in others. It's my best and worst quality. 
    I am Ned Stark. I can see the alignments of players. I am honest, just, and honorable. 
    We will find a wolf and we will kill him. I may die, but I will be saddened if it is by a lynch. 
  7. Chase added a post in a topic A Song of Ice and Werewolves (GoT)   

    Pheo knows if he is town and he started a lynch on me. That's what I meant. 
  8. Chase added a post in a topic A Song of Ice and Werewolves (GoT)   

    Pheo I appreciate your deductive reasoning, but I find it obsurd that you would vote for me after i confirmed you town. That's really odd. Perhaps you are an imposter?
    Lynching me might kill a wolf, but not the kind you are hoping for. 
  9. Chase added a comment on a blog entry 5/16/2014 - Because I haven't blagged in forever   

    Prime is my favorite Metroid game. Echoes was fun, but it's definitely not as good as the first, imo. I got it for Christmas one year from my grandmother, so it is special to me in a way. I remember playing the shitty multiplayer with two of my best friends though. We had fun.
    I still have yet to finish Prime 3, but I plan on doing so eventually.
    From my perspective, Samus is just another avatar to project myself onto while i'm gaming. Oftentimes when a character doesn't speak, like Link, I'll put myself into the character. It's why I like RPGs so much. So I really don't look at Samus as a "girl" while I'm playing. More like me in a kickass space suit. I only really lose the immersion when she is out of the suit, which doesn't happen often, so it's not a big deal. She IS really attractive, though. 
    Don't worry so much about girl gamer stuff. Like what you like. I play with a lot of girls online, especially in FFXIV, and I don't think it's a big deal. If you ever want to play online, you only have to ask. I'm sure most of us here would love to play together sometime. People like to give each other shit for all kinds of things. Just have fun and be yourself; most people won't even care if you're a girl. At least, I don't, and I like to think most people are like me.