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  1. Chase

    Drinking rum before 9 am doesn't make you an alcoholic, it makes you a pirate.

    1. Michael


  2. Chase

    Ben, you and I have THOUSANDS of things to talk about.
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    2. Sayubie

      (to be fair, his laptop is pretty much on its death bed)

    3. pheonix561

      Oh I meant wired. Wired controller. If I could I would totally go to arkansas and visit you and we could play whatever mario kart games together and other games also

    4. pheonix561

      How much for a wired controller, though? I prefer wired here since I don't really need to sit far away from my laptop and I hate having to worry about batteries.
  3. Chase

    Does anyone have Eevee in their friend safari?
  4. Chase

    Anyone want to battle me in Pokemon?
  5. Chase

    Just lost my job.
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    2. Chase

      Yep. It's alright. It won't be difficult to find another job, but I will miss some of the perks of working there. Such is life, though. If you do the right thing, you have to be prepared for people to react negatively.

    3. pheonix561


    4. Knuckle

      yeah those guys sound like lame people to work for if they're charging you for depositing paychecks, forget them :(

  6. Chase

    Dark Souls Platinum: Complete.
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    2. Chase

      You mean in PvP or what?

    3. Knuckle

      I think he means out-racing the Four Kings' DPS rates. The general strategy is to tank the fight, which requires high DPS of your own.

    4. Chase

      Oh I gotcha. Yeah I have a Great Scythe +15 and 40 Dex so I just got really close and rolled/attacked as much as possible. Got lucky on the 3rd or 4th attempt.

  7. Chase

    On a mission to platinum Dark Souls.
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    2. pheonix561

      whats platinum dark souls

    3. Fierce Muffin

      When you get all the trophies in a game, usually, it gives you a Platinum trophy. Also, says here that you can pick up two Blue slabs in the game. Pretty sure you can get 2-3 of each slab besides the main one, which you can several. Why not post all of this in... the Dark Souls thread?

    4. Fierce Muffin

      Trophies are just achievements on the PS3, by the way. I also meant that you can find 2-3 of each slab around in the game without having to farm. You can find all of those slabs again in new game plus.

  8. Chase

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    2. Chase


    3. Otis McNutt

      Old news

    4. pheonix561

      future news* (not yet news)

  9. Chase

    "I walked into my sister's room and tripped on a was a booby trap."
    1. Chase

      The Last of Us is the best game ever.

    2. Necropolis


  10. Chase

    Congrats on being able to drink legally, True Gamer.
  11. Zelda Drottningu » Chase

    Hey! Long time no talk! What's up?
    1. Chase

      Whoa I didn't even see this...hey! lol.

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    2. Sahaqiel

      She was being overcritical, but they presented it as if those few lines were her entire video.

    3. LLmao ?✊?

      Holding people to the same standards that they hold everyone else to

    4. Chase

      Saha, I'm confused as to why you feel the need to disagree here. Did you want him to replay her whole video or something? Her video is "well researched" and funded by donations. It deserves to be scrutinized. He made some good points. Can you not live with that?

    1. Otis McNutt

      Wind Waker Remake? Majora's Mask would've been my choice.

    2. Michael


  12. Chase

    Cool thing about the incredibly long Wii U updates. You can always download them in the background and then install them later. So if you don't want to wait for one to install before you play, then just skip it and install it later.
  13. Chase

    Wii U firmware update. Hopefully fixes the freezing/crashing and improves load times. We shall see.
  14. Chase

    There's something magical about Nintendo. I can't put my finger on it, but no other company can make me feel the way Nintendo does. I hope that never changes.
    1. Stylin' Scarecrow

      They really have been a deeply whimsical developer. Iconic characters, award winning titles. My aunt's old SNES and an N64 that I was given for Christmas was my entire 1999 and 2000. Damn it... I want my N64 back. :(

    2. Otis McNutt

      When I was a teen I had the choice between an SNES and Genesis for XMas, I chose Sega, biggest mistake of my life. I made up for it five years later by buying an N64 then five more with Gamecube and so on and so on.

  15. Chase

    Drunk mutha puppyas
  16. Chase

    You just know with the Wii U that Nintendo is setting up for a DS eshop. And what a glorious day that will be. Spirit Tracks on the TV? Yes please.
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    2. PrimaGaga

      im guessing the gamepad would be he touch screen. So the map would be in your hands.

    3. Chase

      They could probably remap it to where Link would be on the TV. But I wouldn't mind seeing him on the GamePad either.

  17. Chase

    Had a f-ing Wii U review typed out and accidentally hit a button and then poof. All gone. I'm too tired to write it again.
    1. pheonix561

      Isn't there an auto save function to the forums? It's been a life saver for when my computer crashes ten times in an hour and I'm trying to write an essay about why porn is art and art is porn

  18. Chase

    Just got my Wii U
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    2. Chase

      My Nintendo Network iD is FreefallSuperman

  19. Chase

    Just 100% Dishonored. May do a review on it soon.
  20. Chase

    1. PrimaGaga

      how inconsiderate, Chase! <3

  21. Chase

    Today is LEGENDARY. I'm moving out of my childhood home. Let the party commence in 3...2...1
    1. pheonix561

      zero, which is what you are

      don't puppy with me motherpuppyer

    2. Chase

      pheo I live on my own now I can kick your ass and no one will stop me

  22. Chase

    1. Fierce Muffin

      What are you even doing lol.

    2. pheonix561

      he's drunk