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  1. Micky_D » .::TheLonelyShadow::.

    I like your picture.
  2. .::TheLonelyShadow::. » Storm Kid

    SK! You joined too! *attacks*
  3. Vivica Todd » .::TheLonelyShadow::.

    I FOUND YOU AT LAST!! MWAHAHA!! *shot* ....Ok,that was mean.. ^^ hi PZ. Wanna help me track down the shooter?
  4. Vio Milanor » .::TheLonelyShadow::.

    Thanks for... um in the topid I made about my depression and not being able to do anything right.. Thank you for saying those um.. things in it..
  5. ZuZu » .::TheLonelyShadow::.

    Hi PZ! how are ya? okay thats all! cya!