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  1. Zeldafan added a post in a topic I'm back baby (^u^)! Zeldafan!   

    Yeah I was surprised that I was the first Zeldafan on the website too. I mean it is a really cool and I would think common name to have for Zelda fans or fans of the Zelda series. But I joined this website back in 2008 I think. I'm not sure how old this site is, it doesn't tell me when I scroll to the bottom of the page and that's where every website lists their age or years active, but I think that maybe this site was new back in 2008? I don't know. But I may even be the last Zeldafan user here too. I don't know if there is a way to search for users in a search bar or not. But back on topic:
    I wonder how many of the original members are still on here from 2008 and 2010 that are still active? That way people will recognize me :).
    And this website has changed a lot because the user homepage used to have a list of like topics that one was active in and I remember like this little box thingy that was in the center of the user's home page? I can't remember what the box did. It was maybe a user specific chat page, like the channel chat on one's Youtube homepage, or maybe it was a list of posts that one has recently posted on but either way it's gone.
    And apparently my avatar expired or the one that I was using has been taken away from the website because I think that I used to have an avatar set up but now I do not? Maybe I never had one set but anyone it is blank as of now.
  2. Zeldafan added a topic in Joining or Parting   

    I'm back baby (^u^)! Zeldafan!
    So it's me again! I like totally haven't been on this website in sooooooooo many years! It is just like I'm joining an entirely new website. I feel like this is a new website since it's changed so much. Is that one rupee mini game still on here? Also, did anyone miss me ?;-D I am sure that I certainly remembered :-D
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