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    Been playing Fallout Shelter and AdVenture Capatlist. I've gone full casual.
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    Naw, but Frankenweenie is a recent one Time Burton did, which gets related to Paranorman and all that for being from around the same time with a similar theme. He also did 9, which I couldn't get into. Laika movies are just very influenced by Tim Burton, which surely we can't deny. And foreign movies like that Mary and Max one has a Burton vibe from what I've seen. I've not traced the influences.
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    What's Your Favourite Fictional Hellscape?
    You can't say hell because hell is real, but feel free to discuss all hell related media and philosophy here.
    Mine's the Unifactor

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    My favourite Tim Burton movie is Big Fish. It doesn't have the same brooding atmosphere which seems to get associated with him though. It's kind of Forrest Gump by way of Alice in Wonderland? I haven't seen many Tim Burton movies. Not even Alice, but I just assume it looks like it's advertisements.
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    Guarding isn't the same as protecting. I've been hinting at my role since day 2 when I emphasized Jaime as KINGSGUARD. I block visitors, but attackers will kill me instead. So it's like protecting, but also a human shield thing. I never went into so much detail though, becausno one really asked for more. I just said I was a guard. I've said so a few times before, if you look back.
    Also, I don't know what a 'guard' role is traditionally, but that's just what I've been calling it based on the context of my PM. It basically says 'You are KINGSGUARD', and then describes my role.
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    @linox I guess so, unless anyone has anything else to add on that. Who else has confirmed their abilities? Knuckle confirmed his one-off trial by combat, and I can't remember if he said anything else. Linox can't really confirm his ability, and I'm not sure if pheo has had a chance to confirm his yet?
    And there's Knuckle chiming in. Hey Knuckle.
    I'm not sure any of our stories hold a lot of water.
    I'm most inclined to trust pheo, though, since I can confirm he was out of action last night. He could still be a wolf though, since I'm not sure we've confirmed what his role is; only that he wasn't doing anything last night. Also didn't Chase say something about being able to confirm Pheo as town?
    Linox apparently has a one-off vigilante ability, which I presume he hasn't used yet? Any more info on that? But that could be a lie to satisfy questions about his actions each night.
    Similarly, I can't remember what Knuckle said he was up to each night. Like, you had trial by combat, but otherwise I don't know what you could be up to. Linox has a powerful one-off role and still has identity related abilities, so do you have anything else that you do? Also I'm inclined to believe you that you were jailed, because it'd be too risky for you to make that claim when someone else might come forward to call you out.
    And Cirt is still a mystery, actually. Do she reveal a role? I still assume she's Littlefinger, but I don't think that was confirmed either.
    There's a lot I've missed out on, so if I say you haven't said something when in fact you have, then sorry. I'm not trying to make cases against people by just simply omitting information and lying. I'm just laying out what I know.
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    Linox seemed like a good person to guard to me too, and I honestly felt like T1G was going to jail me again last night anyway, so I just went with my first instinct.
    I didn't know that you had revealed your ability and identity to be honest. I didn't realise I'd missed so much information during my time half-assing the game. Sorry about that.
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    I guarded Linox last night, my Lannister bro. Stood outside your door as sentinel, to be more specific as to how it works.
    First thing of my day though, it occurred to me late yesterday and last night that I don't know who pheo is, at all. I went back briefly to check but there was no obvious time when pheo was questioned about his role or identity, nor ammonsa. You've just been grilling people without getting the same treatment in return (which isn't necessarily suspicious, just our fault for not checking up). Since this is apparently the last day, I guess it's time you were questioned about it.
    edit: Looks like I blocked Pheo from interacting with Linox last night? That makes him seem a bit better off now actually, but not sure what to think about that until Pheo reports in.
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    Yeah, directors have a lot of tells, in cinematography, themes, and character archetypes. I guess this can be annoying when it's something that reminds you of your edgy teenage phase, but it's easy to get wrapped up in that distaste and say lots of things which aren't necessarily fair.
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    Why aren't high profile assassinations as common as they seem to be in history? It's getting on my nerves. Give us blood.
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    Playful & Fun kids cartoon about life
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    Feels kind of wild actually that Cassandra has been here the better part of a year already. Feels like it should be less time, but when I think about it it sounds about right.
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    I'll keep checking back here until I'm completely out, but I need to go to bed now. Try not to kill me until tomorrow at least, so I can answer any remaining questions to try and satisfy your concerns and help you reach a decision you're happy with.
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    So did we just do night 3? Are we just fresh off the jail break or was that yesterday? edit: okay yeah that was the morning of Day 3.
    Day 1, Night 1, Day 2, Night 2, Day 3, Night 3, Day 4. Okay yeah, 4 days, 3 nights. Night 1 I targeted Necro, night 2 was Cirt, night 3 was Pheo? But on night 3 I was jailed by T1G so no thing. Cirt was visited by Jaime on Night 3, so that's inconsistent. What was Linox's thing with Jaime, or was I paying attention wrong?
    But yeah I've not really ever interacted with you apart from being jailed last night. I wasn't sure what was going on with your keys thing, so I didn't think you were someone I'd protect. Necro feels like the kind of guy to be good at werewolf, so I guarded him, and then it turned out he was Cersei so I got the extra PM chat unlocked; and then I decided Cirt seemed pretty clean so I guarded her; and then pheo seemed like a good talker so I tried to guard him. Luckily he didn't get attacked anyway. Also, does jailing count as protection in this form of the game, or is it just blocking? Because you potentially saved me from being killed as well, if that means anything to town.
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    Was that night 1? I stood outside Necropolis's door on night 1.
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    I dunno what to say pheo. None of this makes sense to me either.
    I've been burnt out since day 2, when I threw around my vote for information purposes. I guess I just used it as an FOS. If I had been throwing it around without reason, that could have been seen as me trying to start a bandwagon, but that wasn't what was happening. I was just trying to use intimidation to get people to talk. I was already frustrated by T1G flat out refusing to talk about the keys, and then I just decided to use that incentive, although I definitely overused it toward the end 
    Day 3 I was absent for most or all of and I just saw how it was going and figured whatever, looks like they talked it out. I was burnt out on the game a little at that point but figured I'd put in a word for popular opinion.
    Day 4 I've just been saying whatever. Still pretty burnt out. My job is literally mind numbing. I never appreciated the meaning of that phrase until Tuesday. I found it really difficult to string a thought together yesterday without shutting off. My day was that boring. I can't remember half of what I've been talking about through Day 4. This game is a haze to me right now and I really can't think of what to say, except lamenting my absent mindedness.
    So yeah, the Jaime thing. I'm Jaime and I don't recall anything in my role saying that people would be aware that I was visiting them. So there's an impostor in the dungeons I guess. Maybe Jacquen Haquar is a Jaime impostor? That seems reasonable if there was a jail break, knowing the show.
    I can't draw and I can't think. It's hard to be invested when you're feeling kind of brain dead. I hope this is what you were asking. If I missed a question, ask it again.
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    I think someone is lying
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    I don't know what you want me to say, I've already said all of it that I can. What is being asked of me here? And why not anybody else?
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    I'm gonna have to sleep guys. I have travelling until like 4pm tomorrow, so I'll be able to reply by somewhere around your morning/noon. I'll pick this back up with you then.
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    Knuckle seems like the most suspect person here, to me. No clear claim of what he's been doing at night, and having a role which is literally about killing the house in power. Sure it's a Baratheon throne, but we all know Lannisters are the power behind it, and I don't think Lannisters would be the wolves of this game. It doesn't make contextual sense.
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    What's this about Jaime being an NPC? I already claimed Jaime on Day 2, right? I guarded Pheo last night, and so I couldn't have visited Cirt. I had nothing in my PM about being redirected, though maybe that's just because I was redirected into my original target; and being jailed made all of that business with guarding and redirecting moot anyway.
    I think this is all very suspect and I do not trust it.
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    I get a sense that Knuckle isn't going to answer us in any great detail. T1G was also very loose with details in the early days in regards to his keys, and was frustratingly vague and evasive. If they're really in contact, I wonder about their allegiance, and so that's something I want to have clarified.