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    Speaking tabletop; so far, basic fighter, ranger, or barbarian. Not an immediate fan of the combat part of DnD, but with my current ranger wood elf character, I might come around, as I go through spells and feats and learn how to use them effectively. I like the idea of having a varied character, but I often don't have the patience to be that tactical.
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    I got halfway through the finale and haven't got back to it. I'm not super enthusiastic about Gravity Falls, and the disappointment of it ending so soon kind of puts me off even finishing it. Like, I don't really care to watch it's premature death. My denial part if me likes to keep its ending in purgatory, to preserve its spirit.
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    That's some entry level tiddy
  4. Teto added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    Manyuu Hikenchou is the best tiddy anime. Watch it if you can, or if you hate yourself.
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    Definitely. I'd say it changed how I read books in regards to diverse characterisation. The book makes a fool of the reader for making typical assumptions about characters, prompting me to big up the characterisation I do for other books. Now generally if a character isn't said to look a certain way, I'll avoid obvious traits. If the witch us described as old and hunched, I'll envision her as being tall, rather than the stereotypically shorter "witch" character.
    I'm currently still reading Earthsea. On Tales From Earthsea at the moment, specifically The Finder. Having read Left Hand if Darkness, I find the world's I build in my head are a lot more colourful and diverse.
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    I agree that I don't want to see this community dissolve either, but mainly because I don't see how we could carry it somewhere else.
    I don't dislike you, Cass. I can't even fully recall what our old dispute was. A lot of daft stuff has happened on this forum over the years. When it comes down to it I care moderately about everyone here, as long as they're being real, and even if they're lying I'm moderately invested in that, because liars are interesting. Whatever you were or are, I'll be interested to hear about it. But I have a general aversion to poetry about feelings, so I actually haven't read your thread.
    I feel like this forum is almost at a point where we could just use one thread for everything. Maybe it's me but when everything is so spread out, it feels inaccessible. I'm glad we're checking in here.
    Knuckle, if you ever wanted to talk about what's going on, I'd listen.
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    Big fan of The Left Hand of Darkness.
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    MARCH, WHO UP?!?!
    This place died in the new year. What happened? Who still comes by? What's everybody doing? I'm feeling like this is the forum's final year, and I'm wondering if we should just get each other on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook or something and call it quits. What are the mods and admins views on this?
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    Feeling the nostalgia
    Watching a Twilight Princess speedrun, and feeling pretty hyped for the HD version this year. That game definitely ruled, and I look forward to everybody giving it a bit of love again. It happened long enough ago for it to be falling into the realm of classic Zelda now, to me. It's settled.
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  11. Teto added a post in a topic Rooster Teeth   

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    Nah, in cinemas come March.
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    Plus I just found out what an Obari Punch is, and now I won't be able to stop recognising it.
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    Zootopia clip that makes a reference to the N word confirms even more the social prejudice theme, with "cute" clearly being a demeaning word to belittle "lesser" animals. It's ridiculously tongue-in-cheek, but I can't tell if it's too much so?
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    Important News Bulletin: The manga of Princess Jellyfish is getting an English release starting in March for the US and later this month for the UK. It's better than the TV series because it actually continues and has more goodness in it. Consider reading it online if you cared for the show enough.
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    How's the weight loss coming on?
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    Yeah, seems like a sweet film, although the theme is apparently the persisting social prejudices in supposedly equal society, with the dynamic being a continued distinction between predator and prey in this universe's society. At least that's what I've been lead to believe, I don't really know for sure what the actual plot is. That concept is interesting enough by itself, even if the movie doesn't end up going with it.
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    That's an easy yes, but really, they're all the best. They said something about wanting to develop a consistent 3D aesthetic with their animal character movies like they have did with humans in movies like Tangled and Frozen.
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    oh right, Ness
    Also I'm basically internally throwing up at how furry Zootopia is. I can't deal with all these adorable animal people #outed
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    I can't believe I drunk-changed my display name to Homosexual. Guess that's me til February now.
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    weird. I shave like every day, so that concept of shaving first time??? is weird.
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    Going to be taking a break for a while. Sure you don't really realise when someone isn't around on here, but declaring it officially can help me get it out of my mind. I frequent the same places and see the same things. I need to be here less (along with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, everywhere) for the sake of my sanity. I'll likely be back, but for now I'm going to make an effort not to visit. Catch you around some other place.
    Just going through some anxiety, nothing serious.
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  23. Teto added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    "I am sooo puppying done with these manbabies" I yelled, as I was wheeled into the ambulance "is this oxygen vegan?" I asked as they put the mask over my face "I saw a study that.. says.." The doors of my bike-drawn ambulance close, and I'm taken away.
    100% of canned oxygen is taken from oxygen starved lions. Lions are suffocating you guys.
    And with that certifiably unhelpful post, I'm away.
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    Did he say this summer or summer 2026