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    Don't put too much stock in my words by the way. I think I'm probably just transferring a lot of my own feelings onto the game. Like making a sock puppet say the things I wont; I'm using blowing up the importance of small snags in my gaming experience, to use them as a vessel to express my own vague discomfort with the rest of my life. When you don't understand your feelings, people often just fill up with words and no resolution, because they don't know the enemy they face. So you move the weight from arm to arm, place to place, unable to put it down, and for now I'm putting that weight on Undertale; blowing it up in an attempt to fill the hole of uncertainty weighing on my mind. And so the rants go on and on, because the reasoning doesn't satisfy your discomfort. I'll just have to walk away until I can appreciate the game past the ruins. I'm sure I'll find goofy fonts and awkward nerds funny again, eventually.
    I loved the ruins. That was great. But then Sans' voice kind of got on my nerves, and the whole game after that felt like an extended comedy routine. I wanted more of that authenticity I felt with Toriel in the beginning. I got a bit of that when I lay on the ground with the ghost dude. While it was still goofy, it had a nice element of sentimentality to it. Otherwise, apart from the enemies who are adorably overthrown with diplomacy, the game feels very shallow. I think that's about as measured an assessment I can give. There are definitely things about the game I dislike, despite how much I exaggerated them before.
    tl;dr tho: I've pretty much been exploiting Undertale to vent other frustrations. Don't hate Undertale. It's a good game with a lot of fun ideas.
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    Is there a way to just skip Mettaton-Ex? ;( Quite frankly I suck at this game, and my morale is so drained by this point.
    Honestly, I did like this game a lot. But I accidentally killed Toriel at the start and now everything after that feels like a bleak journey into meme-humour-land. Nothing can top being Toriel's daughter, and I messed it up. I want the ending where you just become Toriel's daughter and live with her forever. Screw this meme-shit. I want my monster mom back.
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    Yeah, Undertale is good. For the sake of context, I made the above post at 2am after playing the game for 5 hour straight on the end of a long, boring day. I was kind of hungry too. 
    There are a lot of ways to describe this game, it's pretty wild. Defense from attacks works like a bullet-hell, with the absurd variety of a Warioware game. The game subverts player expectation in the same entertaining way The Stanley Parable does, which I also recommend you play. It doesn't feel like it has an audience in mind. Or at least not one we're so aware of already.
    I'll reserve further pretentious ignorant ranting until after I've played Undertale some more. 
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    Yeah, this was apparently made by someone involved with Homestuck, and it's uncomfortably obvious to me. It's like a weeby Stanley Parable. Tumblr is so oversaturated with this kind of humour already that it almost feels annoying to play this game, and be reminded of how much it absolutely encapsulates the fandom side of tumblr's sense of humour. It's too obvious. 
    I guess my irritation mainly comes from the scientist character in Hotland. The satirical weeaboo caricature is such a worn out joke that they just get on my nerves, and I don't find them endearing. If there was an option to switch them off, I'd be all over that. Let that joke be over with so they can stop interrupting my game. Sure, you're shy and anxious, I respect that, but you're also weird and annoying, and I've moved past the point of sympathy, and I don't have the patience to bolster your confidence by putting up with your obnoxious messages. So boooo, that character can shut up.
    I don't hate the character that much really, but only because usually I have the patience to see past how goddamn obnoxious they are. For Christ's sake, shut up.
    I need to sleep. Fuckin weeb character pestering me.
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    I tried them a long time ago, maybe 2010, and wasn't too into them. I can't remember what my issue with them was at the time. I don't think my love for post rock goes very deep anyway; slower more atmospheric stuff loses my attention. The only Mono related thing I listened to all the way through was the collab with World's End Girlfriend, Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain. It left no impression though.
    I'm not against trying Mono out again though if you gave me some recommendations.
  6. Teto added a post in a topic What song(s) are you listening to at the moment?   

    This has such a cheesy vibe, but I love it. Something Shakira/early-2000s-pop-esque about the vocals which puts me off somewhat, but I dig this a lot.
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    I need to black up for my response video where I slam the whites. I have gallons of paint in storage, ready for my racist alter ego youtube channel. I'm gonna be a big hit.
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    Have to agree. It was a great play on how Susan is a girls name and it makes Mandark a weak homo that it was Susan that was his name before that it was changed to be Mandark that then it was after it was that it was changed.
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    Um, no? Its a dog you dummy hah ha ha!
  10. Teto added a post in a topic Steven Universe   

    Yeah, from Peridot's point of view it's like if someone was walking around in a suit of armor like "this is just how I dress".
    But I still think, from Garnet's reaction, they play it like a commentary on homophobia. You could frame it as Peridot's dislike of 'alternative lifestyles'. She doesn't understand how to function outside of a strictly organised society.
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    Dog dressed as Link

    What is your favourite animal dressed up as something else??
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    aint nothing wrong with an edgy revenge spree
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    Nintendo is a flickering flame. The dark comes soon.
  14. Teto added a post in a topic American Cartoon About a Stack of Bears Is Appropriation with the Highest Degree of Gall   

    I wont let you get away with this plagiarism

  15. Teto added a post in a topic Crazy Zelda Theory Just Hear Me Out   

    Ganondorf did nothing wrong.
    In a world where no other countries pose any political threat to the kingdom, someone needs to act as a chaotic factor for anything to be able to change. At the very least, Ganondorf and his villain buddies have always been catalysts for change. Look at how much changes during and in the wake of each game.
    If Ganondorf was in fact 'evil', then he's excusable as being a necessary part of social change. If everything stays the same, without war destroying capitol, wealth cannot be redistributed. Churches need be rebuilt after being put to the torch, and so the rich will pay the poor to do so, thus adjusting the wealth gap. When peace lasts too long, the rich stay rich, with no need to redistribute their wealth. Capitol must be destroyed.
    Like how winter purges life so new life may grow, Ganondorf is a natural cycle which maintains the economy and keeps the classes from becoming too separated.
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    Apparently we're on hiatus now until 2016, according to like, rumors and stuff. We'll see.
  17. Teto added a post in a topic Steven Universe   

    What a cliffhanger. It's a shame each of your posts is only 11 minutes long. I can't stand the anticipation, waiting a week to find out why.
  18. Teto added a post in a topic Steven Universe   

    Sharks are cool.
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    I'm not free on the 10th, 13th, or the 15th I'm afraid.
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    Also in.
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    the months stop at december
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    Still into Mr. Robot, and thus I'm really into this song.