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    I didn't realise HP Lovecraft was such a massive racist, like holy heck. Check out this poem of his titled "On the Creation of Niggers"
    "When, long ago, the gods created Earth;
     In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
    The beasts for lesser parts were designed;
    Yet were too remote from humankind.
    To fill the gap, and join the rest of Man,
    Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
    A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
    Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger."
    There's more, with references to 'mixed-blooded' 'mongrel' worshipers of Cthulhu
    Reminds me I should give his stories a read though. Like, just because he was a massive racist doesn't make the rest of his work bad.
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    9th of October
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    Ah, that's just me projecting too much again then lmao. Nooo problem.
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    It doesn't taste like piss, it looks like piss (not that I know what piss tastes like, though I assume it changes based on diet). Also Monster Ripper is super nice. The yellow one. That one has a proper taste, of like tropical fruit or something.
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    Yeah generic energy drink taste is actually kind of nice imo. Tastes of fast.
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    I could tell that you were anxious about posting this in part because of how you safeguarded yourself at the end by saying you don't expect replies or likes; in a sort of self preservation tactic to feel less disappointed if you didn't get a satisfying. I like noticing behavior like that, because I can totally relate. People can get pretty tied up trying to deny their need for validation, but most people need that security to ensure peace of mind.
    Like the other night I was out drinking with a couple people, and we met these super nice Christian people talking about salvation, so I ditched my friends to hang out with the Christian folk, and talked to them for a while. I wasn't caving in to their opinions or pandering to their point of view, it was kind of nice. But eventually I felt like their whole motivation seemed a little misguided. They seemed like they really needed to believe in something in order to cope with their lives, and that was what concerned me about them over anything else. They seemed perplexed that anybody could live without religious faith, though they never held my lack of it against me - at least not to my faith anyway. They gave me one of their bibles and I got a lift home from one of them, since their night of walking around talking to people was over. They seemed grateful for my interest, though I feel like a deceiver for being so thoroughly agnostic. I don't really believe in a God enough to base my life around it, but I hope that he's cool with that. I'll be pissed if he isn't, and he's actually just a really self important guy who doesn't like it when people don't praise him. 
    But yeah, point is, I find faith in anything interesting. I don't understand how people can have faith in something without proof or validation. I'm not assertive enough to get off the fence on anything, and I think that can be a weakness when it comes to matters of confidence and self certainty.
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    Naw dude, I remember you. You made good music. Surprising and sad to hear you're going through such heavy shit. Honestly I didn't have much of an image of who you were before; I thought of you as just some late-teens/early-twenties dude who liked playing guitar. It's good to have you building on the impression. Your reality is more interesting than who I thought you were.
    I've never really been at that kind of low point. I've still got it cushy, and if I feel overwhelmingly desperate it's never long enough to completely knock me out of action, though I do go through periods of withdrawal from my responsibilities. I can get lost and self-destructive, but I keep on a vague path through life, aiming for what I think is my good end. Everybody has a lot of shit to figure out. Mostly people here don't begin to talk about their problems until they become a very real problem to them, which I can respect, but I still wonder how much everybody's going through.
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    I got a set of 5 passport photos for my student ID today, but I dropped them on the way to my induction so I had to take a shitty camera phone picture and email it to them instead. Now I have a crappy ID photo and my expensive well-lit photos were probably picked up by some faggot artist who's going to use them in a collage about lost items, and use my image to push their own half-baked, cliched concept. God damn artists.
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    There's also the issue that it spies on you, but I heard you can opt out of having your usage information sent to Microsoft.
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    Kart racer
    Anime inspired game
    Game from movie or TV series
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    Hack and slash
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    Whats your favouritre one T1G
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    Whatevs though. I've been all about Carpenter Brut a bit lately.
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    I love how responsive the "topics" section of member profiles is

    Also, hold the phone, posting a link to a thread actually embeds the thread in your post? This is a cool new forum we have here.
    And whaaaat, 2009? I brought Roc over from another forum some time ago, but was it really 2009? Shit, time flies by. Wild.

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    Commonplace transphobia 101: My trans flatmate recently started a nursing course, and they had this little meet and greet thing where people say something about themselves. One of the girls in the class said "I used to be a man! Just kidding!" and everybody laughed, including the lecturer. And my flatmate's just sitting there stunned. Like, everybody laughing at the funny joke. That's got to be a pretty harsh alienating thing to deal with. Christ.
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    Gotta love that fanservice. What a company.
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    My flatmate uses Reddit and 4chan a lot (boards like r9k I remember her talking about). I got an account on Reddit to post on the BoJack Horseman subreddit, because I'm a BoJack nerd. I'm listening to music from the show as I type this, incidentally. Not even intentional. Otherwise I don't really care to contribute anything. I only post here because I feel an emotional connection to the site. I don't have anything like that with Reddit yet, and so I don't really care about talking to the people there. I've just posted a couple things I noticed in the show, so I could get upvotes and feel good about myself.
    I thrive on universal praise and acceptance, and so I don't really get involved with new places (although I'm not saying that with pride)
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    Oh shit yeah, we used to have a section for games, and Fierce Muffin was the eternal ruler over the dolphin game. Good memories.
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    'All Star' by Smash Mouth
    When I was young I was told that, being of simple mind and dull wit, the status quo would decide my role in life. However, I doubted her credibility, considering how foolish she appeared, using her finger and her thumb to form the shape of an L on her forehead.

    Time moves on at it's own pace; and, dropped into adulthood, I took to independence excitedly. I committed myself to living by my own philosophy that life is best spent having fun, and that, while academic pursuits are worthwhile, a strong character is more valuable.

    There is so much to take in and so many possibilities in the world; and so it doesn't seem unfitting to me to live outside of traditional values. Without first experiencing something, you can get no measure of it's worth. Without expressing the beauty of your soul, you can't expect others to appreciate it.

    Have faith in your passions, and express them by having fun and enjoying your life in whatever way you see fit. Take what you love, and find a compromise whereby you can live your own way, despite the constraints of society. Jump at every opportunity and follow your instincts, because to be something unique you have to push the boundaries.

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    And now you're calling me a slut. That's it. I'm out.
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    I'm already tearing up pictures of myself. I can't believe I was so foolish, 6 years ago. How dare I.
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    Are you saying there's something wrong with copping out with an L cosplay? I feel judged.
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    I did it once, because I couldn't be assed and I felt left out on the day. I was like, white shirt, this will do. I have always been rubbish at cosplaying or dressing up. I am not good at putting effort into my appearance at all.
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    Good article about BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty - my two fav shows at the moment.