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  1. Teto

    Are status updates broken? Follow me on Twitter, post ur deets so some of us can keep upĀ https://twitter.com/rdkieran

  2. Teto

    NNID for WiiU is sideli, add me

    1. Ganny

      okay! ^_^

    2. Teto

      puppying do it

    3. Ganny

      I did it bobby

  3. Teto

    How do I make a Mii for my registered Wii U character without having an identity crisis?

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    2. Cassandra

      i know how you feel

    3. T1g

      Wait you have a Wii U whats your nintendo network id

    4. Cascade

      add me pls teto: junkobears (obviously)

  4. Teto

    Saha what is your avatar from? I've seen it around a couple times now.
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    2. PrimaGaga

      oooooooooooo someone is a copy cat!

    3. Sahaqiel

      Yeah, that's just an ASCII smiley as seen in command prompt. I just felt like mine needed something less simple.

    4. Teto

      Ah right, that makes sense though. There's a lot of coding types on this forum, so it makes sense.

  5. Teto

    The Steam servers crashed and all the games have been deleted. Specialists are currently trying to remake Pong as gaming history begins again. This is a dark day for games.
  6. Teto

    It's been over 9 months since I last picked up Skyrim. Babies have been conceived and then born in the time it's taken me to get back to this quest.
    1. Iargely Iegendry

      Parenthood is the real ultimate quest

    2. Teto

      It can't be a quest without an obtainable goal. There is no winning in parenthood.

    3. Iargely Iegendry

      You win when you can outdo the other parents at PTA meetings

  7. Teto

    ee-argley ee-egendary
    1. Iargely Iegendry

      Dam u..

    2. Iargely Iegendry

      I wanted to say "you avin a giggle m8", but stopped myself

  8. Teto

    It's a good day for Chaseing tail.
  9. Teto

    If you're not afraid to die then you're not living hard enough and you should sort that out. I hope we all live long enough to regret our deaths. We only get to experience a small window of human history before we check out, and it sucks that we don't get to see what happens next.
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    2. Teto

      That'd be a good way to go though. There's no way we can do everything, and people tend to always want more anyway. Infinite ambitions. And yeah, Chase, I agree that we should just spend our time in self-betterment, and in just spreading those good vibes to other people.

    3. Teto

      But with any luck one day our minds will be digitised and we can hop between bodies. Trade out space travel for the uploading and downloading of our selves into new bodies through the galactic internet. And then we can watch morality crumble to dust as reproduction ends and every living being is just the same people hopping between bodies for millions of years. As long as I can live that long.

    4. PrimaGaga

      I'm not afraid of death because I am he. Why would I scare myself?

  10. Teto

    What the balls is this. Masaaki Yuasa (Ping Pong the Animation, Kaiba, The Tatami Galaxy) will be directing a season 6 episode of Adventure Time? Have all my Christmases come at once?
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    2. PrimaGaga

      too bad its not canon

    3. PrimaGaga

      Still never saw the last episode of Kaiba.

    4. Sahaqiel

      I wonder how this fateful combination came to be.

  11. Teto

    Is Super Smash Bros like Nintendo Hunger Games
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    2. PrimaGaga

      eh not more so than any other fighting/PvP game

    3. Teto

      "Villager you have been invited to Super Smash Bros. Come with us" "Be strong for me, neighbours, friends, family! I will fight and return to you one day."

    4. PrimaGaga

      its okay, they all have extra 1-Ups!

  12. Teto

    Cascade and LL can we have a meetup do-over? That ended too soon.
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    2. Knuckle

      I was thinking less about time spent and more about not getting to travel all over Scotland with both of you.

    3. Knuckle

      Teto/Knuckle/Cascade/LL tour of Scotland must happen.

    4. Cascade

      Was that meet-up seriously (nearly) a year ago? wtf

  13. Teto

    Send a prayer to your parents who live in the alternate timeline where you died in your teens.
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    2. pheonix561

      I AM the alternate timeline.

    3. pheonix561

      Well I guess we all are actually no matter what

    4. PrimaGaga

      "I AM the alternate timeline" - Did you find that on a Hot Topic wrist band? Haha. :>

  14. Teto

    reminder th@ if you liked Princess Jellyfish you should read the manga - the series is just the surface tbh. Good read.
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    2. Teto

      I thought Cascade and someone had already watched the anime? But I wouldn't blame peeps for watching it twice.

    3. T1g

      me and cascade watched it together

    4. T1g

      just like how me and cascade are going to watch jojo maybe at the same time and saha watch jojo

  15. Teto

    I just ate a big bag of crisps and a bowl full of grapes how is everybody doing tonight.
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    2. PrimaGaga

      Your mom is homestuck!

    3. Sayubie

      She avoids leaving her home, yes.

    4. Vio Milanor

      By that logic, Homestuck is basically a story about my awesome life.

  16. Teto

    As I constantly shift between different dimensional planes, moving through intertwined timelines like a fog, I always find that the timelines such as this one where I am without my beloved pheo are the hardest to bear. I just hope I'll leave and return to a better reality where he will be by my side.
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    2. pheonix561

      What a kawinky dink!

    3. SilverAlchemic

      I'm just kinda over here loving you all platonically

    4. Sayubie

      (No, pheo, you aren't allowed to dimension hop for that that's my thing go away)

  17. Teto

    you're gannin for a bannin'
  18. Teto

    Have to remember to make a yes/no poll next winter of "Do you like winter?" and then at the end of winter a yes/no poll for "Do you like winter?". Predicting that more people will vote no when winter is over. People forget that it's shit, you see.
    1. Sahaqiel


      winter sux

  19. Teto

    You Ganny gie's a fcukin joab like?
    1. Ganny

      Please slow down, English isn't my first language. :)

  20. Teto

    Moderators SUCK!!!
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    2. SilverAlchemic

      Otherwise, rules are LAME!!!

    3. PrimaGaga

      Parents just dont get it.

    4. Ammonsa


  21. Teto

    Happy Birthday Sayuri Fujihomo?
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    2. Sayubie

      I helix god great deals here http://www.etsy.com/shop/HipCatOverTheMoon/

    3. Cascade

      o sweet i hope you had a great birthday sayuri :33

    4. Sahaqiel


  22. Teto

    Remember to donate all your rupees to Sahaqiel. We can do it guys. Save the children.
    1. Sahaqiel

      I'm not sure I know what you're implying here...

    2. Knuckle

      Teto is gonna get a bunch of rupees and bury Saha under them so he can't hurt the children anymore.

  23. Teto

    just noticed now that Saha's avatar has a very faint rainbow in the face.
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    2. Sahaqiel

      been that way for a few months ye

    3. SilverAlchemic

      It's a super cool effect! I like it a lot. :>

    4. Sahaqiel

      well ty

  24. Teto

    I got that movie Moon plus the first two Evangelion (reboot?) movies (1.11 & 2.22) and Firefly on DVD.
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    2. Fierce Muffin

      lol It's alright. Wasn't saying you couldn't scoop up a sweet deal like that.

    3. Teto

      To spite your sadface I might just watch the movies instead actually.

    4. Ammonsa