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  1. Aethix

    Does anybody know what "11又" is supposed to mean? I'm trying to translate some Japanese stuff, but I can't figure out what that one phrase means.
  2. Aethix

    Translating footage of the Corpse Party 2U demo from Japanese into English on Youtube.
  3. Aethix

    When I read the words "Stunning twist in Elmo sex scandal", I immediately check to make sure it isn't April Fools Day.
    1. pheonix561

      I honest to god thought it was an onion article

  4. Aethix

    Birthday was today. The big 21.
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    2. Cascade

      o happy birthday aethix (:

    3. Chase

      Have a drink for me!

  5. Aethix

    Memorized 2000 kanji! \o/
  6. Aethix

    Is it just me, or is the latest Flash Player update a total POS?
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    2. Teto

      I heard it was shit, so I haven't changed it.

    3. pheonix561

      dont change it until they announce that they have a patch

    4. Chase

      flash is always shit

  7. Aethix

    Depressed about how TvTropes is going to Hell in a handbasket
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    2. Sahaqiel


    3. Sahaqiel

      don't you mean they're going to... dirt in a handbasket???

  8. Aethix

    So... is werewolf dead again?
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    2. pheonix561

      Man I was totally on a roll in LL's game, going from not even paying attention to killing two wolves in a row. How dare you guys throw me off my groove.

  9. Aethix

    Hooray, a new 07th Expansion game has been announced.
  10. Aethix

    I just cleared Mushihimesama Futari on original mode without using any continues!
    1. なべ

      Awesome, well done.

  11. Aethix

    According to the front page, I'm Sayuri.
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    2. Cirt



      MUCH more funny

    4. 2356

      I do wish it was pheo that showed up.... So, why is everyone becoming me now?

  12. Aethix

    Crawled out from under the rock I'm living under and started reading Homestuck. I like.
  13. Fantasy Panda Dreaming » Aethix

    Oh hey how the hell what
    We have the same birthday O:
  14. Fortissimo » Aethix

    Greater Good.
  15. Rika Code » Aethix

  16. Kimmy » Aethix

    You demon sheep, you.
    You are such a fcino.
  17. Jareddude » Aethix

    I like Kirby
  18. T1g » Aethix

    Hey. I'm the Kirby Fanatic Brother Pheonix561 mentioned. I would join your little Dreamland Werewolf game, but I can't.
  19. TrueNinja2 » Aethix

    It's EINSTEIN.
    Do you have Brawl?
  20. LegoBonez » Aethix

    Dude, your personal photo creeps me out.