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  1. Hey smartness, thats gonna hit you too.

    *use nayru's love to protect self from arrows*

    *uses dozens of bomb arrows on next poster*

    Uh dude i am immortal anyways i get with a left over bomb arrows witch hers like hell thanks a lot jerk hehe. Then grabs the leg and feeds it to a Wolfos.

    Uses a fairy to heal wounds then gets on Epona and runs down the next poster then jumps off and hacks the next poster to pieces then finishes the next poster with a bomb now the next poster is a pile of ashes.

  2. I busted my ankle yesterday morning around 6 am. Luckily we were taking my dad to see a doctor. After he saw my dad i asked him if he would take a look at my ankle. Sorry i am getting ahead of myself. Here is what happened. I go outside because i hear a noise like some birds getting into a big fight. Well there were no birds but a lot of branches on the ground. Well after picking up all the branches i went to see if there were more or any dead birds. Well i ran into a wooden well we have in the front yard it stated falling forward then backward and came down and smashed my foot. Now that you are caught up the doctor order an ex-ray and i found out i have a sprain. Now i have to ware a gel cast. I should of just staid in bed.

    :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:

  3. First i got ta do is get the Lan connector then get the point card then i might download it. :unsure:I wish i could find the wireless adapter. :cry:

  4. Back flips and kicks previous poster in the teeth knocking him out. Then Pulls out the fishing rod and hooks the next poster in the butt then reals that poster in like a fish. Now you have a wedgie.

  5. Grabs Nayru's love and activates it protecting myself from Dens fire and then hitches a ride on Farores Wind yehaaa.

    Then lights the next poster on fire with the fire rod. HAHAHA BURN BURN BURN there is no resisting this one. :evil: