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  1. Oh OK, I'm Thankful for Family, Friends and the unrequited love of my life...WAIT she doesn't even know I'm alive! Thanks for opening an old wound JERK!!!!

    But seriously


    Sorry DUDE.

  2. :angry: I know how that felling my friends gay brother has majoras mask and wont let me barrow it.

    He is a big Jerk just because his daddy is a cop.

  3. The reson i made this topic is because all the music i have for my MP3 player is dragonballz and zelda music i got from this and one other site.

    I love zelda and dragonballz but it would be nice to have some new music.

  4. Thanks for the info kid.

    I did not know that videos where Mp4s.

    Next time try not to be so rude ok.

    You take care of your self.

    one last thing what the hell do you mean moved?

  5. You're early dude! Come back on the 27th. And FYI it's spelled "TURKEY" like the country.

    :embarrassed: I just thout it woud be nice to know what every one was thankful for and this stupid keybord is broken.

    I know how it is spelled but thanks any way.

  6. :biggrin:Iv beaten X,X-2 that is all but my yonger sister has 9 and she is on the last 7 bosses on the last disk.

  7. :biggrin: All right yall i want to hear what your thakful for so POST.

    O yaahh Happy tkanksgiving Peace out :gotsword::gottriforce:

  8. :embarrassed: Any one know a good web site for good dragonballz,digimon,and Fullmetal alchemist and other anime

    MP3 downloads that are for FREE?