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  1. Everyones appenions about Internet Explorer is correct i have it and the damn thing seems to stop working every hour and it makes me mad. I want to change to firefox but i doin't know were to get it.

  2. My story is true i have a faiding scar on my right leg from were the glue hit. see this happend my 2nd year of high school that was six years ago.

  3. A sim sit happend to me Get this i walking to my next class witch was LUNCH anyways here i am walking and all of a sudden BAM something hit my leg it felt like a large rock. Turns out it was a gloob of HOT glue I hit the ground i look at my leg and the skin on my leg was melting off. Lucky for me i had a first aid kit in my bag. Well Two days latter i get called into the office On my why there i am thinkin what is going on i get there and two Large officers were waiting there. At that point the crap was sceard out of me. They tell me i assuted a fellow student and a chick friend of mine had beat the crap out of him. I say to the officer Why does this concern me. Well he tells me the one my fried beat up said i planned it.So i get detention for 4 weeks and he gets off free. Total BS.

  4. I attepted suicide back in the beginning of 08 it did'nt go well for me.

    Were did you think my poem came from.