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  1. I am The White Rose all of you knew me as Flame sage i might change it back in do time.

    I just got bored with my username i have to say i am happy with this one.

  2. Today i found out a good friend of mine has died He was stabbed by his so called best friend.

    My sister is taking it harder then i am beacuse she was closer to him then i was. We did not find out til a week

    latter. I will leave his sister a comferting e-mail.

    Good bye my friend in gods hands we trust. :cry::cry:

  3. I think i pulled out the ball from the socket of my arm i was leaning on me elbow and i kida jabbed.

    I might have to wear my sling longer UHHH how stupid can a guy get.

    Well i think i irratated the healing tenden in my arm as well. :ouch::ouch: