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  1. Bingo hit he nail on the head. Well i guess this topic can now be cloesed. :D

  2. She looks fine to me. :D

    Uhh that last pic i posted was a pic i took a 8 months ago i have changed sence then if i find a resent pic i will post it.

    Oh and i was thinking about posting my High school R.O.T.C. Pic. ^_^

  3. Got some fantastic news my dad came home today. We got the test back good thing nothing is wrong so it looks like everything here will go back to normal. And my mood jump to 90% Chipper.

  4. Thanx Little bit of good news my dad is acting like his oldself so he is fealing better. Looks like the antibotics are kicking in

    so my mood has improved about 10%. My dad told me today " I am redy to go home". Still waiting for the resalts of his blood test so he will stay in the Icu for two more days. So things are looking up. :joy: