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  1. Thank you everyone, We got the results back he does not have facheitice thank god and all of you he has a thing called cellulitce. OH thats the first sings of the disease they caught it erely and giveing him atibiotics and they seem to be working.

    So i am alittle releaved.Tomarrow i am going to see him I hope i don't cauch anything from the other people.

    OOh sorry i have a weakind imune system thanks to these stupid 800 mg Ibuprofin.

  2. I am starting to get the same fealing you have.

    My dad may die i hope not. my dads in the ER :fear:

    I am scared out of my mind.

  3. Thanks i will take a look, well right now i have a break going beacuse my dad was sent to the hospital to get an IV drip and

    to get some antibiotics for his UTI. I know he will be fine so i am not worried. They might keep him over night though :unsure:.Just sayin thank you for the kind words.

    Ahh hell just got some bad news my mother just came in my dad might have that damn flesh eating disease agin.

    It took three years just to recover from the last one Damn Damn.

    Now i am a little worried. :sadness::fear: May i ask every one to prey please. :help:

  4. The guy was not the creator of the song just the video.

    I agree with you all. It should be taken off then after he finishes it then he should put it back on.

  5. Thanks man but for some reason i am not proud of myself.

    I feal bad here i am thinking about myself when my dad needs me.

    Man I am a horibile person :cry:

  6. More specific, please?

    Well for starters when i was nine my dad was in an acident and i had to grow up over night. You try being a kid who saw other kids being kids wile you could not join them. It was like this well in to my teens then when i was 19 going on 20

    my dad got rely sick i mean to the point were my mom had to sign a dnr. well he gets better now he rely on me as a care taker every now and then he will break down and it take four mounth for him to heal. I can not leave to do anything he needs to be watched 24/7 i have a felling it will be like this intell he heals compleatly or he dies.

    Hopefully it wont come to that.

    Plus i pull a tenden in my right arm and have to were a sling for two weeks.

    Rain Dustin thanks

    Figurehead and Aethix hope it goes well for you.

  7. Don't know why but i have been in a sad mood for the past three days.:sadness: It started when i realized how messed up my life is and how it will never change.:sadlink: